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The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts

How do you start aThe Book of Acts research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

The Book of Acts begins with the story of the giving of the Holy Spirit and the founding of the Jerusalem Church. You should begin your focus by explicating how the Holy Spirit factors into the New Testament Book of Acts. The remainder of Acts is divided into two major sections. Identify these two sections and discuss the contents of each section.

Write a brief biography of the Apostle Paul:

  1. From his career as a zealous Pharisee to his work as a missionary among the Gentiles.
  2. Include a description of how Paul's personal revelation of the risen Jesus Christ changed his life and affected his religious outlook.

There are a least five major assumptions and concerns expressed in the Apostle Paul's theology:

  1. Mysticism and eschatology
  2. Christ and humanity
  3. The faithful as Christ's body
  4. Justification by Faith
  5. Christ's universal sufficiency

Write a well thought out explanation of these five theological points. Be sure to support those explanations with biblical references that reflect Paul's theological understanding about each topic.

Identify and explain the major themes in the Book of Hebrews.

An Overview of the Apostle Paul:

A close examination of 1 Thessalonians reveals both the leadership qualities and the different roles assumed by Apostle Paul in the guidance and development of the early Christian Church. 1 Thessalonians was most likely the first of Paul's epistles, written during the winter of 50-51 AD to the converts he had made the previous summer in Thessalonika. During the interim, Paul's companion Timothy had paid a second visit to Thessalonika and brought back news of the converts' constancy to the new faith under persecution. This accounts for Paul's high praise of the Thessalonians in the opening chapters of the epistle. While the letter operates on a doctrinal level to explain more detail of the resurrection and Parousia, it also functions to establish Paul as a leader akin to a paternal protector of the embryonic Church.

The very fact that Paul conceived of the idea of staying in communication with new Christian communities by means of letters demonstrated that he believed that he had to maintain a general position of leadership among the gentile converts. If these communities remained isolated from one another and from mainstream Christian leadership, there was a high likelihood that the tenets of the faith that Paul introduced would mutate. Thus, Paul appears to have determined that it was wise to stay in periodic touch with the relatively isolated convert communities in order to keep them firmly on the Christian path. As the individual who led the conversion efforts in these communities, Paul automatically acquired a degree of leadership authority, which he appears to have augmented through the use of the epistles.

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The Book of Acts Research Papers

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