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Books of The Bible: Galatians

This is a topic suggestion for a research paper on the Books of The Bible: Galatians from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

Galatians is one of thirteen letters found in the New Testament attributed to the Apostle Paul. It is widely believed Paul wrote this letter around 50 AD though some scholars believe it was written earlier. The letter is addressed to the "churches of Galatia" which are believed to be a group of churches Paul founded during his missionary journey described in Acts 13 and 14. Be sure to explore the background of Galatia in your research paper, which was likely a Roman province located in Asia Minor though this has also been debated.

Galatians and Paul

Paul's primary purpose in writing this letter was to address a movement in the churches requiring Gentile believers to practice Jewish Law. Begin the paper by noting how Paul opens the letter by reprimanding the Galatians from turning away from the pure faith he had taught them. In Acts 1:11-2:10, Paul reestablishes his authority to preach the gospel by:

  • Reaffirming his conversion
  • Noting his training
  • Exclaiming his appointment by James, Peter, and John to preach to the Gentiles.

Paul then explains that justification can only be obtained through faith in Jesus Christ. He chastises the Galatians for being led away from what Christ had done for them (Acts 3:1-9). He further explains that all are equal in Christ (Acts 3:28) and he contrasts the freedom of Christ with the slavery of the Law (Acts 3-4).

Galatians and Law

After establishing that the Galatians do not need to follow the Law to be justified, Paul instructs the Galatians how they should live in their freedom. He tells them to "Walk in the Spirit" (Acts 5:16) which means they should not practice "things of the flesh" which are described in Acts 5:19-21. Instead they are to seek the "fruit of the Spirit" which is love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control (Acts 5:22-23). Paul closes the letter reemphasizing that the Galatians are new creation in Christ, circumcision and uncircumcision no longer matter (Acts 6:15).

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This is a topic on
Galatians Research Papers

Galatians Research Papers discuss one of thirteen letters found in the New Testament attributed to the Apostle Paul.

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