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Books of The Bible Corinthians

Books of the Bible: Corinthians

Research papers on the books of the Bible can focus on any book in either the New Testament or the Old Testament. For example, our writers can write a custom paper on Corinthians, First or Second Corinthians, and any aspect of the books.

The seventh book of the Biblical New Testament, the first epistle of Paul the apostle to the Corinthians, is generally referred to as First Corinthians. It was originally written as a letter from the Apostle Paul, an early Christian missionary, to the early Christian church developing in Corinth around 57 C.E. As such, the book contains much of the formal components of a letter, such as a greeting and closing, and takes on the first-person voice of the letter's author Paul. Although Paul is thought to have written up to fourteen of the books contained within the New Testament, his authorship is questionable in many of these cases. Even so, his authorship of First Corinthians is relatively unquestionable as the book has been attributed to Paul in several ancient sources. Paul wrote this letter after having created the church in Corinth. He then traveled to Ephesus, and it is from this city that First Corinthians is believed to have been written. The city of Corinth was a major seaport in southern Greece and, as such, developed several diverse religions acquired from both eastern and western cultures. Paul's letter to the Corinthian Church was intended to prevent the church from dividing based upon various pagan practices that had been accepted into the church. In his letter, Paul also offers advice about a number of important topics including:

Paul's letter to the Corinthians addressed a number of issues causing conflict and raising questions among the community.These issues appeared to stem in part from the divisions within the church itself, as members aligned themselves with the individual who had baptized them.Paul disapproved of the division and reminded them that they are all one in Christ. He then continued by discussing a number of specific issues relevant to the community, ranging from sexual morality and marriage to lawsuits and participation in the Lord's Supper. Your research paper will discuss Paul's view on five issues:

  1. Marriage
  2. Food
  3. Conduct of worship
  4. Resurrection
  5. Collection - and whether or not his responses are appropriate in today's world

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Books of The Bible Corinthians Research Papers

Books of the Bible: Corinthians research papers discuss the seventh book of the Biblical New Testament, the first epistle of Paul the apostle to the Corinthians, which is generally referred to as First Corinthians.

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