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Baptism and Circumcision

Baptism and Circumcision

The sacrament of baptism is similar to circumcision in that it is operates to seal the covenant between God and the believer. As such, it is a outward sign that the covenant has been formed, with the promise of God accepted by the believer. But baptism differs from circumcision in that it goes beyond the mere outward sign. It also has an inward component in that it represents the grace that is signified by the outward sign. In addition, it contains an element of union between the inward and outward signs that is far more spiritual or mystical than the concept of circumcision as a manifestation of covenant. Baptism and Circumcision research papers have been written by religion experts. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.

Baptism and Circumcision Differences

Baptism is also similar to circumcision in that it functioned to set apart believers from unbelievers, but differ in the nature of the signs that create the separation. While circumcision produces an outward and visible sign, baptism produces an inward sign that was apparent only to the baptized individual, to the community of the faithful and to God. As such, both were rites of initiation that enabled an individual to enter into a specific community based on shared beliefs and practices. In effect, Reformed Theology indicates that the New Testament substituted the sign of baptism by water for the sign of circumcision by scarification, eliminating the need for a blood sacrifice in order to enter into the covenant with God, as in the Old Testament. At the same time, the interaction of the sign with the significance of the sign, and the introduction of the spiritual element of the formation of the covenant with Christ, were grafted onto the new sign of baptism by water.

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Baptism and Circumcision Research Papers

Baptism and Circumcision research papers compare the two sacraments in light of Reformed Theology.

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