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Religious studies research papers that discuss the Antichrist are often a part of bible topics assigned in college courses. The research papers note that the term Antichrist is a Christian belief first introduced in some of the later books of the New Testament. In Christian theology, the Antichrist is frequently equated with Satan, although many other interpretations exist. Frequently, the notion of the Antichrist arises in discussions of the Second Coming of Christ, and is said to precede Jesus Christ's return. Paper Masters custom writes research papers on the Antichrist and will help you on any biblical topic required. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Antichrist that follows your guidelines.

Antichrist's First Appearance

The term "Antichrist" first appears in the Epistles of John, although the term does not necessarily refer to a specific individual. The following are common examples of the Antichrist:

  • In the Book of Revelations, the term itself is not used, but the idea of the "false prophet," the term that John uses, is equated to the Antichrist.
  • Polycarp (c.69-c.155 AD) called anyone who preached a false gospel an Antichrist.
  • Ireneaus, when refuting Gnosticism, first tied the number 666 (from the Book of Revelation) to the figure of the Antichrist.
  • Martin Luther called the Papacy the Antichrist

Antichrist Figure Will Arise

During the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther and others called the Papacy the Antichrist, as a way of criticizing the materialism and abuse that had characterized the Church. Many modern fundamentalist Protestants believe that an Antichrist figure will arise and signify the beginning of the end of days. However, the most popular use of the term in modern times has been adopted by fringe groups who use the term to express their devotion to anarchy.

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Antichrist Research Papers

Antichrist term papers discuss the Second Coming of Christ, and the Antichrist rising after Christ’s return.

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