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Research Papers on a Regime for Global Water

A key environmental issue today is developing a regime for global water use and distribution. Research papers have been custom written by Paper Masters on developing a regime for global water policy that include the following key elements in them:

  • Who should develop water policy?
  • What would elements of a regime for global water be?
  • Outline the current state of global water
  • Trace the decline of global water for any continent

Examining the current state of global water, it becomes clear that developing policy on managing global water has proven to be a difficult challenge. Seeking to delineate why this is so, the current literature on the subject provides some insight. While some authors are quick to argue that water resources are scarce and there will soon be a global shortage of water others contend that there is not a shortage of water, rather it is just inefficiently distributed throughout the world. As such, the central issues involved with developing a global water regime stems from the fact that those in charge of developing policy cannot agree on the root problem and hence a salient solution.

Regime for Global Water

Solutions to Global Water Crisis

Despite the problems that exist when it comes to the development of solutions to the global water crisis, some international organization have taken steps toward reducing the crisis and improving the quality of water overall. For instance, the Global Water Partnership and the World Water Council have developed strict guidelines for the utilization of potable water sources. Even though these steps have proven useful for shaping policy in some communities in the international community, the guidelines are vague, so as to permit some degree of flexibility and the Global Water Partnership and the World Water Council have no effective means for enforcing the policies that they have developed.

Privatization of Water Sources

With the threat of a global water crisis looming on the horizon a number of experts in the international community have suggested the privatization of water sources so that they can be more effectively managed. According to statistics more than 70 percent of potable water is wasted. While privatization would lead to better management of the world’s water resources, few nongovernmental organizations (N Gos) are willing to back a proposition that would enable companies to profit from providing a basic necessity of life to customers. The Report of the World Commission on Water supports this assertion noting that global regimes seeking to improve water service must place the basic needs of mankind above the need for profitability.

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