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Real World Operations Management Research Papers

Real World Operations Management assignments are common at the university level. We custom write all topics such as this one which asks for you to discuss an order placed on a service or good organization, and the use of REAL data is should be used.

How to Write an Operations Management Research Paper

Real World Operations ManagementSelect either a service or goods providing organization as the focus of the project. Usually, at least one member of the team will have direct personal access to the subject organization to facilitate access to information and data. The use of REAL data is desired. (If required, I will sign a letter that will assure your management that I will be the only person beyond your team to see the data, that it will not be copied, and that I will not use the information in any way other than to grade your work for class.) The intent is to focus the project effort on real-world operations management issues.

Information Required in Real World Operations Management Research Paper:

  1. Background – This section provides sufficient background information to put the OM analysis in perspective with sufficient detail so that someone not particularly familiar with this organization can assess the value of the analysis.
  2. Mission & Strategy – This section summarizes the organization’s current mission and implementation strategy with respect to the operations that are the focus of the report. (There is no requirement to address the total corporate entity or all products and/or services.) The selected organization may or may not have a publicly stated mission and/or strategy. Reference that which is published. Your evaluation should state your conclusion as to that which has not been formally stated in your terms as supported by the evidence.
  3. Problem description and discussion of the data – This section provides the specific OM decision(s) you choose to pursue with analysis. The OM decision(s) should fit with the relevant strategies discussed above. The discussion should clarify the issues and applicability of the OM decision approach chosen and provide insight into the accuracy and completeness of the data used to address the problem.
  4. OM decision analysis – Discuss the results of your chosen decision analysis in the light of the stated problem. Of particular interest is the implication of incorrect/questionable numerical values and their effect on the outcome/decision that may result.
  5. So what? -- Now that you have addressed a specific OM decision problem for this organization, the question is …What to do with the answer? This section requires the creative aspect of problem solving; namely, you are asked to reflect how a solution of this problem can impact the performance of the organization. If this section has no meaning, there is not much use in doing the preceding four sections. Obviously, this section has the greatest meaning and value and thus will be scored very seriously.

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