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Racial Discrimination

This research paper on Racial Discrimination examines the legal, moral, and ethical issues involved with race discrimination in American workplaces. Divided into four sections, the research paper begins with an examination of the issue of race discrimination in U.S. society and of the laws, regulations, and statutes that have been developed in an effort to address the problem. The second section of the research paper addresses the implications of race discrimination laws, regulation, and statutes for both employees and employers in the United States. Racial DiscriminationThe third section addresses why the race discrimination is currently an issue in the workplace. The final section examines a currently pending legal case involving charges of employment race discrimination against the clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. The research paper demonstrates that although laws, regulations, and statutes are important elements in the battle against race discrimination in the United States, the measures are inadequate for resolving one of the nation’s most persistent and troubling problems.

This research paper explored the numerous legal, moral, and ethical issues involved with race discrimination in an American workplace. The study analyzed the long history of the laws, regulations, and statutes that have been developed in an effort to address this problem, and described the serious implications of such measures for American employees and employers. The research paper demonstrated well that although laws, regulations, and statutes remain crucial to the effort to abolish race discrimination in the United States, and despite numerous advancements in recent years, the problem stubbornly persists in workplaces across the nation. As such, perhaps the most important challenge for legal professionals in America today is to recognize that the law is, unfortunately, but an imperfect tool for addressing one of the society’s most intractable problems. As such, in contemplating what position to support in a case, one must not consider its merits in isolation but pay careful attention to the broader implications for the society as a whole.

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