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Push/Pull Immigration

Push/Pull Immigration research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

This History paper and research paper is to be about immigration and the Push/Pull effect of Immigration.

Push/Pull Immigration Research Paper:

I. Introduction

  1. Explanation of what the essay is about (push-pull theory) and how the paper will show how the push-pull theory has been a major part of immigration
  2. What the push-pull theory is. Push/Pull Immigration
  3. The argument is: When does push end and were does pull start?? (The argument = must be the red thread running through the essay).

II. Body 1

  1. A brief history/ overview of European immigration to the U.S. (and other areas where there was mass immigration) as it relates to the push-pull theory.

III. Body 2 – Specific example of the push-pull theory in action

  1. Introduction of the Irish potato famine of the 1840s – detailed explanation of all of the factors that led up to it and who it primarily affected, etc.
  2. The push – how the famine pushed many Irish to the U.S.
  3. The pull – how elements of the United States attracted many Irish to the country
  4. The state of immigration to the United States at that time and how the Irish fit into it.
  5. The results of Irish immigration to the country (numbers who came, who stayed and who didn't)
  6. How the push-pull theory has had its share of examples since then, and how it's still a factor in the present day.
  7. Try also to braid/ incorporate other theories and their factors.

IV. Summary/Conclusion

  1. Wrap-up of the paper. Here you summarize the paper and no footnotes are used here. Nor is any new info used here! Because this is a small recap of the bits in the main body that has brought you to your conclusion (remember no personal opinion)

Some pointers on the structure of the paper:

  1. The paper has to be well organized and structured, divided into three sections, an introduction, body and conclusion.
  2. Coherent, logical, argumentative and informative
  3. Impersonal
  4. The references/ sources used can NOT be taken from the internet USE BOOKS, the only article that has to be used is Lee’s article.
  5. Do NOT use ‘ or “, try not to use quotations.
  6. Formal writing therefore the paper can not contain “can’t – didn’t – it’s” it has to be fully written (no contractions).
  7. Try to use “simple” language, no need to go overboard with to many extravagant words.


  1. Colloquialisms
  2. Contractions
  3. Chatty/ personalized modes of expression
  4. Ambiguity
  5. Repetition
  6. Inconsistency
  7. Unqualified statements
  8. Circumlocution


Introduction: set the scene, why is this interesting, aims/research questions
o Approximately 1-1.5 page long

Main Body:

Remember to use footnotes!
Also use footnotes for information that is not strictly relevant to the main argument but important to be included.
Typical Norwegian papers usually contain at least 3, or more footnotes per. page especially in this type of paper where there is a lot of facts written. So please try to remember to use footnotes every time a fact appears e.g. a date, an action etc.
• Try not to use quotes.

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