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Research Papers on the Purpose of Education

Education majors are often required to write research papers on the purpose of education. There are many theories and theorists that cover this topic. Have the writers at Paper Masters explicate the purpose of education for you in a research paper that you can design and we can write.

Quality in education encompasses several areas, which include the purpose of education, the content of the school curriculum, motivational techniques for students, and the personal characteristics of teachers. When all of these factors come together the school becomes one of high quality that benefits the students and the community in which it is located.

Purpose of Education

In 1948, Martin Luther King posed one of the most famous theories concerning the purpose of education. In an article published in the Maroon Tiger at Morehouse University King stated that education served both utilitarian and moral functions and combined intelligence with character. King’s vision of education was that it served as an equalizer for society. By way of education man could overcome the influence of half-truths and propaganda, “Education must enable a man to become more efficient, to achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of his life…[and to] train one for…effective thinking”.

An author's vision of the purpose of education is just as relevant today as when he first penned the words.

  • Education imparts knowledge so that individuals have the means to determine what is genuine truth and what is spouted for the sole benefit of another.
  • Education serves as a bridge that crosses racial prejudices so that men and women of all races can live, work, and thrive together.
  • Education prepares individuals for the future by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to become proactive members of society.
  • The purpose of education is to serve the common good of all men and society in general.

The content of the school curriculum should be broad based in order to help students achieve their personal and educational goals. The school curriculum should contain the basics such as reading, mathematics, science, history and social studies as well as courses that spark the imaginations and creativity of students. For example, the school curriculum should include classes such as art, music, athletics, and technology so that each student has the opportunity to take at least one class that stirs their interest or inspires them to make the most of a talent.

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