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Public Health Programs

Public health is the branch of scientific medicine that seeks to prevent disease and promote longevity in the population. As a result, numerous public health programs have been implemented on local, national and international levels. One major public health program has been vaccinations, which has eliminated some diseases, such as smallpox, or greatly reduced the incidences of others. As a student of medical health administration, you may need to write a research paper on one of several topics concerning public health. Good topics to use for a research paper on public health programs are:

Using the World Health Organization as an Example of a Public Health Program

Public Health Programs

The World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading public health agency in the world and has identified the core characteristics of public health programs. According to the WHO, a public health program provides leadership on critical health matters, shapes research, sets standards for implementation, articulates ethical, evidence-based options and monitors health trends. Public health programs can serve as early warning systems for the outbreak and spread of certain diseases.

Public health Programs

Public health programs will frequently prioritize health issues and their impact on the world’s population. The WHO has characterized the STD HIV/AIDS, diabetes and antibiotic resistance as emerging health priorities for the 21st century. Some public health programs have become controversial because they either require changes in behaviors (anti-smoking) or involve topics that some groups find morally challenging, such as safe sex or needle exchanges in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. The challenge remains in disseminating critical information with respecting freedom of choice by individuals.

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