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Public Education System

Public Education System research papers show that at the current juncture, it is clear that the public education system stands at an important crossroads, poised between the many problems and difficulties that it has weathered in recent decades and the promise of potential change in the future. While the last twenty years have seen the public education system in this country beset by many formidable challenges. Public Education SystemThis would make a great introduction for your research paper.

The main areas of study that Education majors often must research within the public education system include:

Sociological factors influencing public education may provide the impetus necessary to change the trajectory of our nation’s public schools.

Twentieth Century and Public Education

If one constant can be identified within public education throughout the twentieth century, it is undoubtedly that of change. A confluence of social, political, and economic forces came together to foster rapid transformation in virtually every aspect of the education system.

Socially, the legally mandated desegregation of schools created a diverse classroom environment, giving rise to the multiculturalism movement that is so significant in pedagogical theory today and presenting an entirely new spectrum of challenges for students, parents, educators and administrators.

According to the History of the Public Education Organization, education emerged as one of the watchwords of political discourse. Candidates and elected leaders constantly citing the “crisis” in public education seems to have become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Ironically, the prevalence of politics in the public education system seems to be inversely proportionate to lawmakers’ unanimous willingness to generously fund our nation’s schools and support much needed reforms.

Economically, school funding remains one of the most hotly contested issues within the public discourse. Even as the broad importance of a sound, effective public education system came to be recognized by an increasing number of individuals and groups, there remains a paucity of funds available to support the cultivation of human capital in this manner.

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