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Public/Community Health Policy Research Paper

Community health application paper: Public/community health policy meeting.

The following are some typical instructions for Public/Community Health Policy Research Paper. The purpose of this research paper is to evaluate the effects of public policy on a selected community health problem. To understand the health issue from a local perspective, individuals should try to attend at least 2 community/governmental meetings that address the selected public health issue.

How to Organize a Public/Community Health Policy Research Paper using a Public Meeting

  1. Public/Community Health Policy Describe the purpose of the meeting, time and location, and the membership of the group, paying particular attention to the general process, decision-making and power structures. If attendance at a meeting cannot occur because of other professional commitments, similar information must be obtained through appropriate Internet searches (generally those with an .org suffix).
  2. Describe the overall goal of the policy or process that the group or government is working to establish
  3. How long has the group been meeting, and what have they accomplished to date. Following the meeting, Analyze why the issue(s) which are most important, who is most affected! and what happens if the issues is not addressed or resolved?
  4. What is/should be the role of Nursing?

The paper should be from 4-5 pages and must include a cost-benefit analysis. At a minimum, include a minimum of 5 references from peer-reviewed articles (2 of which must be data-driven) and 1-2 legislative bills. Data should generally be no less than 2 years old and represent primary source material whenever possible. Books are generally not an acceptable reference source. Final topics must be approved by the faculty by the third week of class.

Writing Your Research Paper on the Issue

  1. The paper should be from 4-5 pages and include an introduction, case-study, and a conclusion based on standards of community health practice. Both sides of the argument should be presented.
  2. The paper should be realistic, based on your clinical preceptor experience and not derived from a hypothetical situation. Papers should demonstrate clarity and present evidence that will enhance critical-thinking.
  3. The content of the paper should reflect a comprehensive perspective of a community/public health issue, including access and barrier issues; public and legislative orientation; cost-benefit analysis; access and quality perspectives; marketing; and ethical decision-making.
  4. At least 5 sources from peer-reviewed journals must be integrated into the paper. This content must reflect an analytical interpretation of the article and not a superficial review of the article's intent! The paper should not reflect "common knowledge" but must be "cutting-edge."
  5. Include at least 3 specific recommendations in the paper to advance community health nursing practice. Include identification of potential obstacles and specific strategies that can be used to promote nursing and/or public support for nursing.

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