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Research Papers on the Psychosocial Development of African American College Students

African American students face unique challenges in attending institutions of higher learning; racially, socio-economically and academically. The National Education Association repots a graduation rate of African American students at 45.7% as compared to 66.8% for White students. Evidence shows that half a century since Brown vs. the Board of Education, minority students are still not receiving an equal opportunity to prepare for an optimistic future.

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Institutions of higher learning have a responsibility to help all students develop in an environment where they feel accepted and included and to graduate students who are psychologically and academically prepared. However, college and university social and academic environments consistently reflect the values and norms of the dominant culture. African American students often demonstrate very different cognitive and psychosocial needs than their White peers. Consequently, it is worth exploring whether African American students are more likely to succeed at Predominantly White Institutions (PWI) or at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Research has consistently demonstrated that African American students at predominantly white institutions have less positive experiences than their white counterparts. African American undergraduate students consistently report significantly more racial conflicts, pressures to conform to stereotypes and inequitable treatment. Meanwhile white students consistently report a very narrow awareness on there being any racial tensions on campus, most often professing the view that their university maintains an environment in which diversity is respected. Only 1/3 to 1/2 of African American students receive degrees from predominately white institutions, even when they appear to more academically prepared than their white peers.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why, in a country which prides itself on pluralistic ideals, HBCUs are increasing in popularity. Historically black universities and colleges have a documented record of making students feel comfortable and creating environments where students can be themselves. Reported overall college experiences are better at HBCUs, due in part to better patterns of intellectual development and social integration. Research has revealed a significant relationship between Black consciousness and self esteem and between Black consciousness and academic self-efficacy. The implications of these facts should legitimately shape the evolution of higher education over the next decades.

This study will explore the research question: What are the psychological effects on African American students attending predominantly white educational institutions compared to those attending predominantly black educational institutions, with specific attention on the influence of cultural awareness in both settings.   

Past studies have linked strong cultural identity and awareness to academic success for African American students. Other research has explored the psychological implications of African Americans attending a predominantly white institution versus a historically black university or college. This study hopes to bridge the gaps in research by simultaneously examining cultural awareness as a significant factor in the psychological effects on African American students attending either a PWI or an HBUC.  

If is a significant difference in the psychological effects of African American students in one environment over another is discovered, there are implications for both types of institutions. This research could inform practice at predominantly white institutions regarding integrating and offering appropriate support for African American students. It could also inform policy changes where HBCU find it more difficult to secure adequate funding.


How to Arrange a Research Paper on the Psychosocial Development of College Students

The Introduction

This chapter will provide the background for the study by reviewing obstacles to the psychosocial development of Adolescent African American college students. Relevant theories of identity development, racial identity issues, and gaps in literature will outlined.

According to economic and social indicators, the quality of life for Adolescent African Americans has been what?
Theorists have argued and research has indicated that African American students are faced with what challenges regarding neighborhoods, families, and college campuses. For example, in the beginning of the 2006 or 2007, the United States had what number of African American between the ages 17-24 under the control of the nation’s criminal justice system than the total number in college.

Over the last decade, for every one Black males and female students enrolled in college, what number of black males and females are added to the prison and jail population, and at current levels of incarceration, African Americans have what chance of going to prison during their lifetime.

African American students are matriculating to graduation from college at a what rate compared to other gender, ethnic, or racial group.

It seems apparent that from an early age, African American adolescents are confronted with challenges of achieving academic, career, and social success. Additionally, African American males and females face the specific challenges of what? Include at least four area pertaining to both black males and females. An example done in a study on just black males used the following categories:

  • Experiencing a limited range of positive Black male and female role models,
  • Living in unfavorable environments
  • Having negative peer and media influences

Black males and females are suffering immeasurably in our society. They are not being afforded the full benefit of education and societal promotion. What percentage of black males and females are functionally illiterate in United States? What rate are black males and females be expelled from school.

What is the leading cause of death for young black males and black. Give an example of rates in major cities for males and females.

Write summary describing what have found out. The persistence of these negative forces and the challenges of achieving academic, career, and social success have resulted in a significant social disadvantage for Black males and females. For a significant number of these individuals, this has prevented their healthy psychosocial development.




This chapter will provide a review of literature relevant to the circumstances surrounding the present state of African American college students in America. The focus of the literature review will be on the various obstacles that African American students face as they develop psychosocially. The Author will identify and elaborate on the obstacles to the healthy identity development of African American students. In addition, the author will examine the theoretical underpinning for this study based upon the development theories of Erik Erikson, Phinney, James Marcia, and Arthur Chickering, William Cross, Dubois. In addition, the author will examine studies describing the effects of racial identity on academic performance at Predominately White Institution and Black Institutions. The Arthur will provide some example of leadership studies done involving the effects of leadership on African American racial identity to justify the need for the study. The chapter will conclude with a synthesis (title of the section) of the literature review and theoretical underpinning.

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