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Group Therapy In High Schools

Group Therapy in High Schools

Group Therapy in High Schools research papers takes a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

This is a practice Thesis Statement: Group therapy in high schools will improve academic achievement for those diagnosed with mental health and drug and alcohol disorders. Examples such as: Day Treatment programs or Alternative Educational Programs with Clinical influence. A teen diagnosed with marijuana abuse or dependency along with bipolar disorder or adolescent depression will not academically achieve as much as he/she would in a more therapeutic/educational environment. The paper must be written in APA format.

How to Outline a Research Paper on Group Therapy

  1. Chapter One: Introduction, Purpose of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Need for the Study, Goal of the Study, Research Question, Hypothesis, Definition of terms, Summary of Chapter 1, and Preview of Future Chapters.
  2. Chapter Two: The Literature Review is broken down by the Inclusion Criteria (Impact of the alternative education programs on students, teachers, parents community, etc. or however you would like to phrase it). It is also broken down by the Summary of the Literature Review and the Preview of Chap 3.
  3. Chapter Three: The Design, Population, Instrumentation, Reliability of Instrumentation, Procedure, and Data Analysis break down Methodology.
  4. Chapter Four: Results (Graphs or Pie Charts).
  5. Chapter Five: Discussion, Discussion related to the Research Question, Discussion related to other findings, Generalizability, Limitations, Recommendations and Conclusion.

Beginning in the early twentieth century, the first experiments with group settings for the delivery of various therapies began to be undertaken. Frequently, the group format was used in settings in which logistical demands required that large numbers of clients must be treated by a small or otherwise limited staff of helping professionals. For example, several branches of the military began to experiment with group treatment modalities in times of armed conflict. In addition, state-run mental institutions also began to institute similar approaches.

However, it was not until the mid-twentieth century that the concept of the group setting began to gain widespread acceptance as a possible alternative to the dominant paradigm of the dyadic client-therapist model. By the 1960s, a number of theoretical frameworks began to emerge that were tied specifically to the group format. By the 1970s, the practice of group therapy had attained widespread acceptance and prevalence within the helping professions.

Today, the acknowledgement of the utility and possible applications of group treatment modalities continues to expand exponentially. Over the course of the last three decades, there has been significant progress in the scholarly, empirical, and theoretical conceptualization and assessment of the efficacy and application of the group model. At the current juncture, there are some proponents of the group approach to therapy who claim that this model is even preferable to the one-on-one approach in some circumstances.

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Group Therapy In High Schools Research Papers

Group Therapy in High Schools research papers discuss how group therapy will improve academic achievement for those diagnosed with mental health and drug and alcohol disorders.

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