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Face Saving In Marriage

Face Saving in Marriage

Description: Develop research on a key topic in the field of communication and conflict management (e.g., the concept of face saving, or jealousy in marriages, etc get creative)

The topic is Face Saving in Marriage Research Paper:

  1. Examine the topic
  2. Offer a comprehensive explanation of the topic
  3. An examination of the latest research and theory concerning this topic (thus it should be up to date on this topic).

Draw on the best available ACADAMIC resources (e.g., electronic publications of academic sources). Source material is key to this assignment. Poor sources lead to a poor grade.

The analysis of Face Saving in Marriage Research Paper should explain:

  1. the development of the theory
  2. important research that has further developed the theory
  3. key insights into the field of conflict resolution that the research offers
  4. useful resolution strategies (that we have not discussed in class-see below in my paper example i pasted)
  5. important changes that newer research has led to in theory formation.
  6. Take a CRITICAL approach to the research
  7. Don't simply assume that all research is ground breaking in its importance.
  8. Discuss both strengths and weaknesses of all the research you review.
  9. Note particularly useful research and criticize particularly weak or less valuable ones.
  10. Back up your criticisms with evidence from the research and its conclusions.

As you develop your critical analysis, I want you to point toward an interesting area of theory that current research has opened but not yet fully explored. As you conclude your analysis, build an argument for why more research should be carried out in the area you indicate.

An Example of a Topic that can be further developed:

So, if you write on mediation in the field of entertainment and you find little research has been carried out in the area of negotiation strategies for conflict resolution of moviegoers who demanded their money back after seeing "Jackass 2" and you see the subject as fraught with possibilities, make a case for more research. The important thing here is I don't want your paper to devolve a BORING list of research. Have an argument you carry forth throughout the paper. Have a theme and stick to it.

Getting involved in your subject and making a clear and interesting case will lift your paper above the dull routine term paper and invest it with artistic integrity and a sort of literary beauty.

Papers will be graded not only on sources, but quality of writing, clarity of explanation, depth of analysis.

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Face Saving In Marriage Research Papers

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