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Emotional Work

Emotion Work

What is emotion work? Paper Masters can explain what emotion work is within a custom written research paper directed towards the field of psychology, specifically for therapists.

A research paper on "Emotion work" refers to the act of trying to change in degree or quality an emotion or feeling. It refers to evoking and shaping, and suppressing emotion. Evoking means bringing about desired feelings that are absent. The opposite is suppressing undesired feelings. Emotion work is prompted by a discrepancy between what one feels and what one wants to feel or what one thinks one ought to feel in a situation. We internalize normative expectations about emotions and shape not only our performance of emotion, but our inner experience of emotion to conform to normative expectations. Emotions are worked on through deep acting. We work to change our own feelings, and also those of others (e.g. the service industry). Even when we do not succeed in changing our actual feelings, nevertheless the fact that we try to feel in certain ways shows how deeply social emotions are. Emotion work is guided by feeling rules: emotion becomes an object of awareness when the individual's feelings do not fit the situation, and the situation does not legitimate the feelings an individual has. There is a shared understanding of feelings owed and owing and when this is not observed then the feeling rules become evident.

Medical Health Field and Emotion

  1. How can we look at medical settings, hospitals, professional roles and medical school using the concepts of emotion management, emotional labor and feeling rules?
  2. The Cloak of Competence e.g. Managing Emotions in Medical School
  3. Negotiating physical intimacy - using feeling to appear professional, competent emotion management strategies - how are feelings displayed and talked about?
  4. What are the feeling rules?
  5. What do medical students do with uncomfortable feelings?

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Emotional Work Research Papers

Emotion work research papers explains the act of trying to change emotions in degrees or quality.

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