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Developmental Or Life Cycle Approach

Developmental or Life Cycle Approach

Developmental or life cycle approaches addressed in research papers look at the theories from a psychological aspect. Paper Masters custom writes all our research papers so that we can write you a quality project on any aspect of the developmental or life cycle approach tailored to your needs.

The developmental or life cycle approaches to family counseling are extremely valuable in providing assistance to families who are experiencing transition. Many transitional periods occur normally throughout marriage and the nurturing of children. Thus, an understanding of the problems associated with those periods can provide valuable insight into their causes. At the same time, this knowledge can alleviate unnecessary tension and anxiety over the fear that certain situations or developments are abnormal and will lead to dissolution of the marriage or never-ending problems with the children. Regardless of our understanding of and preparation for the changes that life inevitably brings, however, certain periods of transition will likely result in stress and disequilibrium for the family.

Life Cycle Approach

The development or life cycle approach can be used to address several dimensions within the family dynamic.

  1. The developmental or life cycle approach may involve the different stages of marital development
  2. The developmental or life cycle approach may include the developmental process in evidence as children grow and progress toward adulthood.
  3. The complex interactions that occur between parent and child may provide valuable clues to our understanding of these multifaceted relationships.

In any case, the knowledge of these stages allows us to predict possible times and types of crisis that may occur, and to prepare for them.

Transitions in Family Development

There are many times of transition that occur normally throughout within family context. These include biological events, such as pregnancy, birth, and aging. Transition periods may also be social in nature - becoming parents, moving away from family of origins, relocating to a new environment, or changing jobs. These periods may also include times of loss, such as the death of a parent, spouse, or child. During these changes, individuals may experience confusion and anxiety because they are not able to rely on their usual coping skills.

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Developmental Or Life Cycle Approach Research Papers

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