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Self Conflict

Self Conflict

Self-conflict is an often unwelcome, albeit perfectly normal, part of life. Countless times each day, week, and month, individuals find themselves locked in a struggle between one part of them wanting or believing something and another part of them holding the opposite perspective. As individuals, we think momentarily about getting dessert; we convince ourselves that we have earned it or simply have the right to get it. At the same time, though, there is a small part of ourselves that tells us not to, that thinks of our cholesterol levels or those extra pounds we put on over the holidays. This self-doubt keeps us in check and prevents us from behaving irrationally or without fully consideration all the options and their respective consequences.

Self-conflict comes in a variety of forms and impacts people's lives in a variety of ways. In relationships, one can question their feelings or whether or not their partner is loyal; in religious beliefs, one can find oneself questioning the beliefs, traditions, and morals that one has held for years. In the workplace especially, self-doubt can rear its ugly head. From moments of feeling impostor syndrome to times where one questions one's ability to achieve a goal, self-doubt as a professional is incredibly commonplace. Internal conflict is little more than a disagreement between one's heart and one's head; any time a person feels something but the logical part of their brain presents a glimmer of doubt, one is experiencing self-conflict. Any time one's firmly held political beliefs are challenged by a situation fraught with emotion, one can experience self-conflict.

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Self Conflict Research Papers

Research papers on self conflict discuss the times when individuals find themselves locked in a struggle between one part of them wanting or believing something and another part of them holding the opposite perspective.

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