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Personality Intelligence Or Educational Test

Personality, Intelligence, or Educational Test

Personality, Intelligence, or Educational Test research papers take a vast amount of time to outline and write. Here is a suggestion on how Paper Masters lays out an assignment like that.

Using empirical references as the basis of your review, research either a standardized personality, intelligence or educational test and complete a summary critique/report.

The review should include:

  1. General information about the test including title, author and publisher;
  2. A description of the test content, purpose, structure, administration and scoring guidelines;
  3. An evaluation of the reliability and validity of the test;
  4. A critique of the strengths and weaknesses of using the test in an applied setting;
  5. An analysis of the multicultural application of the test.

As such, it is NOT appropriate to select an online test; you must select a published test in which there is information available on the reliability and validity.

Structure and Content of Test Critique for Personality, Intelligence, or Educational Test Research Paper:

The Test Review/Critique contains six sections, including references. Information to be presented in each section is presented below.


  1. Title of the test (including edition and form, if applicable)
  2. Author(s)
  3. Publisher and date(s) of publication


  1. Test Content
  2. Construct(s),
  3. Domain(s) or variable(s) the test measures,
  4. Unidimensionality or multidimensionality of construct,
  5. Theoretical and/or empirical foundations of the test

Purpose of Test

  1. Purpose and potential uses of test
  2. Whom the test is designed for

Test Structure

  1. Length of test/number of items
  2. Subscales (if applicable)
  3. Item format

Test Administration

  1. Administration procedures
  2. Necessary administrator qualifications and/or training

Test Scoring

  1. Type of scoring or scaling
  2. Scoring procedures (including availability of scoring keys and scoring services, if any)
  3. Subscale, factor or dimension scores (if applicable)



  1. Evidence of reliability (e.g., test-retest, internal consistency)
  2. Adequacy of reliability evidence to support potential uses of the test


  1. Evidence of validity (e.g., content-, criterion-, construct-related)
  2. Adequacy of validity evidence to support potential uses of the test


  1. Strengths and weaknesses of the test
  2. A critique of the use of the test in an applied setting


  1. An analysis of the multicultural application of the test (addressing research on multicultural comparison OR limitations of generalizability based on lack of multicultural data)


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