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Case Analysis On A Girl Named Alicia

Case Analysis on a Girl Named Alicia

This is a Case Analysis on a Girl Named Alicia and must be done using only stuff based on the humanistic theory. The case is analyzed using 5 sections; each section needs to be titled and the information below it

5 sections:

1)Origins of client personality/problems/symptoms.

-describe the theory's view of human nature. from this theoretical perspective how does one develop symptoms and problems? Ask yourself how this theoretical approach helps you to understand the client presented in this case(ex. their personality and patterns of behavior

2)Focus and course of counseling

-According to this theoretical perspective, what are the goals of counseling? What kinds of things would you focus on? What techniques or strategies would you use?

3)Role of the counselor and counseling relationship.

-When working from this theoretical orientation, what would your relationship with your client look like? What is your role as the counselor? the client's role? Your responsibilities? The client's responsibilities?

4)Cultural factors

-Please discuss how any cultural or social issues within the case might be relevant to the concerns of the individual in the case(based on your own thoughts and opinions. Include the adequacy of the theory in dealing with social/culture issues in your discussion of the theories strengths and limitations

5)Strengths and limitations -what are they in this particular theoretical approach in working with this particular case. What are the benefits of using this particular approach with this specific client? Discuss several strengths and multiple limitations Note: this section is not for critiquing the theory in general but rather for this specific case.

Case of Alicia:

Alicia spent her young years in an orphanage and was placed with foster parents during second grade. According to the story she had been told, she came from a Latin-American background, with parents who were undocumented migrant workers; her baby-sitter had been instructed to leave her at the orphanage if her parents were to be suddenly deported.

By the time Alicia was 9 years old, she had become an exploited laborer on her foster parents' farm. In order to earn their approval and affection, she worked sunup to sundown on the days she wasn't in school. By the time she was 18, Alicia had long since realized that her foster parents were taking advantage of her and were not to be trusted. She left home, determined to find success so that she would not have to depend on anyone. Attempting to deny the shame of having been used, Alicia resolved that she was going to be rich and completely independent.

Girl Named Alicia

Alicia had been on her way to becoming a real estate mogul when her business failed. After her initial success in a booming real estate market, Alicia had been overextended when interest rates rose unexpectedly. Her business went bankrupt, her new home, expensive furniture, and luxury car were repossessed. She was aggressively pursued by creditors and the IRS. She reported that although she had friends and family who cared about her, she became obsessed with thoughts that they would no longer want to be in her life. When her dreams of wealth and self-sufficiency were dashed, Alicia became severely depressed and entered therapy. During therapy, Alicia's counselor noticed that Alicia seemed to perceive that having a need or dependency on someone meant being used or exploited by them.

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Case Analysis On A Girl Named Alicia Research Papers

Case Analysis on a Girl Named Alicia research papers use information based on the humanistic theory.

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