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John Dewey

John Dewey

John Dewey (1859-1952) was one of the most influential thinkers in American education, proponent of pragmatism, who promoted the idea that education was vital to a democracy's success. Born and raised in Vermont, Dewey attended the University of Vermont and Johns Hopkins. Paper Masters can help compose a custom written research paper on John Dewey that follows your guidelines.

Dewey And Philosophical Theory

In 1894, he joined the faculty at the University of Chicago, where he not only developed his philosophical theory of Rational Empiricism, but also became one of the founders of "The New School," along with Charles A. Beard, James Harvey Robinson and Thorstein Veblen. Dewey was also a founding member of the American Psychological Association (APA), serving as its president in 1899.

John Dewey and Education

Dewey was a passionate supporter of democracy and believed that education was vital to its survival. He believed that education was both a social and interactive process and that the public school was the institution through which societal reform could take place. Education was more than learning, according to Dewey, but the training ground for the entire individual. Therefore, much of his work centers on hands-on learning, where the teacher becomes a facilitator and guide.

Dewey's Published Works

  • Psychology (1887)
  • Leibniz's New Essays Concerning the Human Understanding (1888)
  • Studies in Logical Theory (1903)
  • The School and Society (1899)
  • The Influence of Darwin on Philosophy and Other Essays in Contemporary Thought (1910)
  • Essays in Experimental Logic (1916)
  • How We Think (1910; revised ed. 1933)
  • Democracy and Education (1916)
  • Logic: The Theory of Inquiry in 1938; Art as Experience (1934)
  • A Common Faith (1934)
  • Freedom and Culture (1939)
  • Theory of Valuation (1939)
  • Knowing and the Known (1949)

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John Dewey Research Papers

John Dewey research papers examine one of the most influential thinkers in American education, proponent of pragmatism, who promoted the idea that education was vital to a democracy’s success.

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