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Personal Awareness

Personal Awareness

Research on personal Awareness is undertaken by the psychology writers at Paper Masters. Get help writing on what the benefits of personal awareness are.

Personal awareness, or self-awareness, is the ability of a person to engage in introspection, or the ability to look inside themselves and reflect on various components of who they are as an individual. Personal awareness allows the following:

  1. Personal awareness allows a person to think critically about their character, about who they are as an individuall
  2. Personal awareness is part of what beliefs and actions are, and how that might impact others.
  3. If one is personally aware, one's feelings can also be reflected upon, taking into consideration what causes certain feelings and how an individual response to said feelings.
  4. Motivations and desires are also the subject of significant contemplation; one often asks oneself what causes one to pursue a certain goal, what the desired end result might be, and what short- and long-term outcomes are sought.

There are two types of personal awareness: internal and external. Both are vital to successful self-awareness and self-reflection. Each of the aforementioned components comprise internal self-awareness. When an individual is able to look at the inner workings of who they are, they are utilizing the traits of internal self-awareness. Equally important, though, is external self-awareness, or mindfulness of how an individual is perceived by others. When individuals are aware of how others see them, they can adjust their actions, goals, and overall character to better reflect what they truly wish to project. Knowing how others see us can increase our ability to empathetic; knowing how others perceive our actions can enable us to better take their perspectives into consideration. Because we are social creatures, and because none of us exists in a vacuum, it is imperative to personal awareness that we consider not only who we are, but how others perceive us to be.

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Personal Awareness Research Papers

A research paper on personal awareness look into the ability to look inside themselves and reflect on various components of who they are as an individual.

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