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Human Psychology

Human Psychology

Human psychology research papers are custom written from Paper Masters. Topics in psychology include psychological theory, the science of the mind, human behavior and much more.

Human psychology is the science of the mind. Specifically, it is the academic discipline concerned with mental functions and behavior. Psychologists are attempting to understand the role that the mental functions of a person influence social behavior, as well as the underlying processes that cause behavior. While the study if human behavior dates back centuries, it was Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) who brought psychology into a laboratory setting. Human psychology has become a major science since the 20th century. Famous human psychologists include:

Human Psychologists

American psychologist William James (1842-1910) was one of the founders of modern human psychology, believing that the science should have some practical value. However, it was Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) who developed psychoanalysis and created a systemized theory of human development, the psychosexual stages of development. Freud's influence cannot be understated in the development of human psychology, and was directly responsible for the development of such psychologists as Carl Jung, Erik Erikson, and Anna Freud.

As a reaction to Freud's psychoanalysis, American B.F. Skinner (1904-1990) developed behaviorism, and believed that learning could be influenced through conditioning. While Pavlov is known for classical conditioning, Skinner developed operant conditioning. Through conditioning, a person's behavior could be changed through the application of various stimuli and rewards.

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Human Psychology Research Papers

Human Psychology research papers on an in depth analysis on the science of the mind. Topics in psychology include psychological theory, the science of the mind, human behavior and much more.

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