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Holistic Education

Holistic Education

Education curriculums often revolve around holistic concepts, especially in non-traditional classrooms. Holistic education research papers explore the concepts and ideas around using both the mind and body in educational programs.

That a holistic education involves both the mind and the body is a concept that goes back to the Greeks.In the dialogue Timaeus, Plato spoke of the linkage between the health of the mind and the health of the body and recommended exercise as an important, and enhancing, accompaniment to intellectual activity. A publication of the State of Maine's, "Health and Physical Education", states, "Physical education gives students the knowledge and skills to make the most of their physical and mental abilities. The history of the philosophy of education is full of notions that pay heed to the linkage between mental and physical health. The perception of that linkage, in fact, is why physical education became part of educational programs in the first place.

As an education student reviews his/her aims for a holistic education, it may appear that his/her aims are only partially what one would traditionally term academic. This is in line with many beliefs regarding a holistic education. Academic skills are definitely the forefront of instruction; aims just reflect a changing definition of academic skills valued in our society. The aim is to have students who can read, write and do math, and also think, imagine, plan and execute their idea.

Outline of a Research Paper on Holistic Education

Academic Enhancement Through Holistic Learning

  1. Introduction
    1. Definition of Holistic Learning
    2. Major Current Beliefs Regarding Fitness in Education
    3. Overview of Study and Methodology
  2. Review of the Literature
    1. Defining Key Ideas
      1. Education
      2. Holistic Learning
    2. Historical Views of Holistic Learning
    3. Current Research on Holistic Learning
    4. Alternate or Negative Views on Holistic Learning
  3. Methodology
    1. Hypothesis: Health, fitness, and recreation are essential parts of the total person, thus unless fitness and recreation are critical components of an educational system, then that system has failed to offer comprehensive instruction to its students.
    2. Data Collection Techniques
    3. Data Collection Limitations and Data Validity
  4. Analysis
  5. Summary and Future Research

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Holistic Education Research Papers

Holistic Education research papers look at the benefits of a holistic based curriculum, particularly in regards to physical education.

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