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Information on Emotions Research Paper:

This is for an intensive upper division psychology course on emotion. For this particular paper the focus will be on the emotion, anger. Please make sure the thesis and the topic of the paper is addressed very clearly in the paper. You may focus on one of the suggested questions, or any other question that interests you, attempting CRITICAL ANALYSIS of the issues involved and showing how the readings (or part of a reading) are problematical or helpful in relation to those issues. It is fine to add a little personal experience to support your paper.

Emotions Research paper Topics

  1. What makes fear and anger "basic" emotions?
  2. And how may they be recognized and understood across cultures?
  3. How is anger connected to "angry behavior"?
  4. What makes a painting a sad painting or an angry one? How can art be expressive?
  5. What is the relation/difference between anger and resentment? Are they ever justified? Even if justified, should they be suppressed?
  6. Are there limits to the appropriate objects of pride and shame?
  7. What is the place of conditions of "nearness to self," "control," and "desert" in this area?
  8. Is there a line between natural and moral qualities?
  9. What is the value of feelings such as pride and shame?
  10. What gives emotion direction? Is shame the "opposite" of pride? Is humility?
  11. Are certain beliefs about freedom and responsibility essential if certain emotional attitudes (towards ourselves or others) are to make sense?

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Emotions Research Papers

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