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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence research papers can be written about the concept of emotional intelligence as a critical factor for future success. For example, emotional intelligence can predict whether one will be an effective leader or have the ability creative outlets.

Elements to include in your Emotional Intelligence Research Paper

  1. Describe Emotional Intelligence vs Intelligence Quotient and how Emotional Intelligence relates to proficiencies in intrapersonal and interpersonal skills in the areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, social awareness, and social skills.
  2. Describe the contributions of Emotional Intelligence skills to effective leadership in an organization.
  3. Discuss the importance of developing these skills in health care organizations with examples of success in health care leadership.
  4. Discuss the benefits that Emotional Intelligence has proven to be the single most significant factor between average and superior performance in leadership development. ie Leaders who have a highly developed EQ create teams and organizational climates that produce superior results.

Be Sure to Answer the Questions for Emotional Intelligence Research Paper

  1. What is emotional intelligence?
  2. What are the business results of utilizing emotional intelligence?
  3. How can an organization most effectively gain these benefits?
  4. Is emotional intelligence is a viable concept and a scientifically defensible intelligence?
  5. Though there are still two different models of emotional intelligence competing for legitimacy- the ability model and the mixed model- which model offers the most advantages?
  6. Emotional intelligence can be valuable and beneficial when integrated into classroom curriculum, but only if the integration is done carefully and cautiously. Is this true?
  7. Do you agree with the overall argument of emotional intelligence when it is presented in a fair and scholarly evaluation of both types of emotional intelligence and coupled that with good examples of why integrating the ability model into curriculum would be more beneficial than the mixed model? Which are you in agreement with - the notion that the mixed model, which emphasizes behaviors like friendliness, pleasant speech, and agreement, can operate counter to the overall intent of emotional intelligence teaching? It can teach people to agree when they might have otherwise correctly dissented, and it can teach people to be overly pleasant in situations when pleasantry will not help them achieve their objectives as well as firmness or another alternative emotion might.
  8. Is the point of teaching emotional intelligence is to help people better understand the effect that their own emotions are going to have on their decision making process, as well as interpreting non-verbal signs that give clues to the emotional state of those they interact with?Knowing that I can help teach parents and children how to better understand one another emotionally and thusly facilitate overall better communication adds yet another tool to my growing supply.

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Emotional Intelligence Research Papers

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