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Collective Unconscious

Collective Unconscious

A well written research project on collective Unconscious could begin: The term "collective unconscious" was first presented by Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded the school of analytical psychology. According to Jung's theories, the collective unconscious is part of the unconscious human psyche that, unlike the conscious mind (or ego) and the personal unconscious portions, is not derived from personal experience and is not unique to each individual. Rather, the collective unconscious is a form of inborn psychological heritage which us universally shared by all members of the society. Originating in the experiences of the society's earliest forebears, it encompasses the collective knowledge contained in fields such as:

  • Religion - The Divine Body & Spiritual Body
  • Morality, Ethics- Casual Body
  • Philosophy - Mental body, Emotional Body & Etheric Body
  • Science - Physical Auric Body

Indeed, some major portion of the collective unconscious derives from human evolution and involves experiences and knowledge that are shared by all members of the species, irrespective of the historical period or cultural sphere in which they might exist.

Collective Unconscious Within the Psyche

Resting deep within the psyche, it serves as an internal, instinctive fount of foresight and enlightenment. Jung found evidence for his theory of the collective unconscious in the myths of diverse societies. He showed that even societies which are unrelated in terms of culture or history have myths involving similar stock characters or archetypes of human personality and behavior. Jung also held that, although it resides latent within the deep recesses of the psyche, the collective unconscious often underlies people's thoughts and actions and may reveal its insights to humans through dreams.

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Collective Unconscious Research Papers

Collective Unconscious research papers discuss the term “collective unconscious", which was first presented by Carl Gustav Jung.

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