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Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Cognitive Behavioral Theory

A research paper on cognitive behavioral theory should focus on describing and discussing how cognitive-behavioral theory, existentialism, and reality therapy theory explain the concept various psychological concepts such as post-traumatic stress disorder or anxiety. Paper Masters suggests that your project would review the three counseling psychological theories:

  1. Cognitive-behavioral theory
  2. Existentialism
  3. Reality therapy theory

In your research paper, show how they might relate to post - traumatic stress and anxiety and also provide relevant information concerning therapy using the three theories.

The research paper should explain the topic in enough depth to inform the reader. Then, address how three different theories of counseling would explain the topic or concept. (Emphasis should be placed more on the theories and how they relate) The reader should be able to clearly distinguish the different theories, based on the explanation. The paper should discuss the underlying philosophy of the theories, including how the theories see people-as good or bad, predetermined or with free will; how the theories define problems; and how they describe therapeutic change.

How to Reference a Research Paper on Cognitive Behavioral Theory

Provide15 current, scholarly references. Current scholarly references focus primarily on reputably authored books or refereed (peer reviewed) journals, often published by APA, ACA, or some other professional organization, published within the past 5 to 6 years. Do not use more than three Web sites as references.

Have in-text citations and the references section.

Every reference should be cited in the references section of the paper. Every in-text citation in the paper should be listed as a reference in the references section.

Overview of Cognitive Behavioral Theory

In recent years, the therapeutic model based upon cognitive-behavioral theory has gained widespread currency, although some in the helping professions continue to doubt the efficacy of this approach. This paper will seek to examine the fundamental concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy, assessing its primary components in general, as well as in the specific context of a proposed research project.

First, a description of the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy will be presented. This will be followed by a discussion explaining why this theoretical framework is appropriate for application in the proposed research project. Then, in conclusion, a brief survey of some of the representative literature addressing cognitive-behavioral therapy will be made, in which a number of previous studies based within this theoretical matrix will be reviewed and discussed.

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