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Psychology of Women Research Papers

This is a topic suggestion on Psychology of Women from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

The field of psychology is designed to study the inner workings of the human brain and the impact this has on both interpersonal and intrapersonal behavior. Normally, one might not think that gender would play a role in such a study. However, this is far from the truth. Psychology of WomenMen and women have very different brains, and use them in very different ways. Their emotional makeup is different, as are their hormone levels. Each of these components, and many others, play a role in determining the psychology of men and women. While the fields might not stand on their own as independent focal areas, the psychology of women is worthy of considerable analysis and consideration.

Sociology and Women's Psychology

Much of our understanding of women’s psychology is rooted in our sociology as well. Women are expected to behave a certain way as a result of social norms; this inevitable plays a role in their psychological processes. Women are socially expected to be gentile, kind, caring, and nurturing; it is no wonder, then, that women suffer from emotional imbalances at remarkable rates. A woman is traditionally highly in tune with her emotional status, largely as a result of social pressures. While this is tied to her hormone levels and other biological processes, the end result is that the psychology of women is different from the psychology of men. Furthermore, psychological issues can result from the unique pressures that are placed on women as opposed to men, such as the following:

  • Poor self image as a result of unachievable social norms
  • Feelings of depression over not fitting into a restrictive mold created by our society
  • Physical manifestations of mental disturbances, such as eating disorders or mood disorders all reflect the uniqueness of women’s psychology and the close connection it has to our social behaviors.

To fully understand women’s psychology, one also needs to consider the society women are a part of.

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