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Psychological Research

Psychology as Science research papers illustrate that arguments regarding the accuracy and objectivity of psychological research remain illusive even when a process by which independent study of individual cultures can be engaged. Psychology and other forms of social study have long been used in a political rather than scientific manner, employing “scientific” standards and data in such a way that political rather than scientific or social gains are made. For example, there have been many theories put forth that attempt to “scientifically prove” that there is a genetic, hereditary, and overall life potential difference between the races of humanity.  Jensen, one of the most widely cited of these type of psychologists, indicated in his theory on racial superiority through genetic inheritance that there were two separately inherited, underlying cognitive processes: one, “not…an intellectually important function”, involving the simpler abilities of memory and association; the other, a more conceptually complex capacity for abstract thought and problem solving and that whites were superior in both areas. This is a prime example of how the study of psychology can be turned upon entire populations; the data can be used to “prove” the superiority of any one group over another. The question of genetic differences between races has arisen not out of purely scientific curiosity or the desire to find some important scientific truth or to solve some significant scientific problem but only because of the belief, explicit or unstated, that the answer has political consequences. Issues such as these call the science of psychology immediately into question. What, then, would negate the effect of bogus, politically motivated theories is the finding of universals, applicable and provable across cultures.

Psychological Research Research Paper Topic Suggestions

Outline of Study Featuring Psychological Profile - Theorists have argued and research has indicated that African American students are faced with what challenges regarding neighborhoods, families, and college campuses?

Campbell Interest and Skill Survey- Campbell Interest and Skill Survey Research Paper explores an example of an order placed to do a test critique.

Christianity and Psychology - Research papers on Christianity and psychology look into the ways spirituality can affect a person’s life when seeking an integration of faith and science.

Developmental Psychology - Developmental Psychology research papers discuss the the study of the various changes that occur over the human life span.

Ego - Ego term papers examine the second part of Sigmund Freud’s classic division of human personality.

Health Psychology - A Health Psychology research paper focuses on behavioral and psychological processes in health psychology and how they relate to health care and the concept of health as a whole.

Holistic Mental Health - Research papers on holistic mental health look at how holistic medicine addresses both the physical and mental/emotional health of the individual.

Human Psyche - From the perspective of psychoanalytic theory advance by the likes of Freud and Jung, the human psyche is made up of three parts or processes, which include the Id, the Ego and the Super Ego.

Iconic Memory - Iconic Memory research papers examine a type of visual sensory memory that the brain uses to remember images.

Id - Id research papers look at the first part of Sigmund Freud’s three-part psychic makeup of human beings.

Journal of Educational Psychology - For students working to one day become professional educators themselves, there are a host of publications that can be beneficial in the lifelong learning process; an example of such a publication is the Journal of Educational Psychology.

Memory - Research papers on memory discuss the psychology of memory and look into the advancements made toward understanding the processes of memory development.

Mental Health Disorders - Research papers discuss mental health disorders and look into the common types of disorders such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, personality disorders, OCD, and PTSD.

Mental Health - Mental Health term papers take in an in depth examination of healthy mental functions and mental illness.

Mysterious Flame - Mysterious Flame Research Paper looks at a book by Colin McGinn about his theory of naturalized mysterianism.

Personality, Intelligence, or Educational Test - Personality, Intelligence, or Educational Test Research Paper examines an order placed for a test review/critique.

Psychoanalytic Theory - Psychoanalytic Theory Term Papers analyze human behavior, which is deterministic and governed largely by the subconscious, as well as biological drives, such as the human sex drive.

Psychodynamic View of Adolph Hitler - For a figure like Adolph Hitler, psychodynamic interpretation is even more difficult due to the lack of personal information on him.

Psychology Schools of Thought - Psychology Schools of Thought Research Papers discuss the three major schools of thought, which are psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology.

Developmental Psychology - Developmental Psychology research papers discuss the the study of the various changes that occur over the human life span.

Repression - Research papers on repression discuss repression in light of works of literature or particular historical ages, such as the Victorian Age.

Retroactive Memory - A research paper on retroactive memory discuss the type of memory that is derivative of interference theory, which is divided into two components: proactive and retroactive interference.

Self Conflict - Research papers on self conflict discuss the times when individuals find themselves locked in a struggle between one part of them wanting or believing something and another part of them holding the opposite perspective.

Self Identity – Self identity encompasses a deep understanding of one’s individuality, uniqueness, distinctiveness, characteristics and personality.

Sensory Memory - A research paper on sensory memory discuss the memory function that deals with the five senses.

Social Ecological Models - Social Ecological Models research papers look into the models developed to help explain how various aspects of society are influenced by environmental factors.

Stages of Gender Development - A research paper on the stages of gender development discuss the various theories that explain how gender develops in children.

Superego - Superego essays discuss the third and final part of Sigmund Freud’s classic understanding of human consciousness.

What are Schemata- What are Scehmata Term Paper delves into what exactly schemata is, and goes into detail about different types of schema.