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Psychology and Social Change Research Paper

Psychology and Social Change research papers focus on how the two work together. You can focus on any aspect of sociology or psychology for your project. Below you will be find how to formulate a topic on psychology and social change research paper.

For your paper, you will analyze a social problem that affects the community in which you live. Prior to submitting your final version, you will participate in a peer-review exercise.

The Psychology and Social Change Research Paper must include the following sections:

  1. A description of the problem. You can enhance this section with excerpts from local news stories or governmental statistics. You may also wish to include summaries of interviews with individuals who are affected by the problem.Psychology and Social Change
  2. An analysis of the problem using one of the social change theories that you have studied in this course.
  3. A proposal for at least one concrete action that can be developed to help ameliorate the problem. Include information about how the action would be funded. Your proposed action needs to be supported by psychological and/or sociological theory, research, and practice.
  4. Explain how psychologists / mental health professionals can play a key role in driving or supporting your proposed action.
  5. Critique your suggested action by examining how feasible it would be culturally, politically, economically, and otherwise, given what you know about your community.
  6. Discuss the potential positive and negative outcomes of applying your selected interventions to the problem and be sure to outline the potential unintended consequences of you suggestions.
  7. Discuss any ethical issues that your suggested action would pose for psychologists and how these issues may be addressed.
  8. Finally, briefly discuss how you might evaluate the outcomes of your proposed action.

Format for Psychology and Social Change Research Paper:

  1. This paper must be written to conform to APA standards set forth in the 5th edition of the APA Publications manual (e.g., double spaced, etc.).
  2. Your final paper should not exceed 20 pages, including references.
  3. This paper must be written to conform to APA standards set forth in the 6th edition of the APA Publications manual (e.g., double spaced, etc.).
  4. Wikipedia, while a great source for getting initial information on a topic, is not considered a scholarly source. Thus, it is not acceptable as a source for your final paper.
  5. Minimal use of direct quotes.
  6. Web site citations are allowed when they contain relevant statistics (e.g., ".gov" Web sites);
  7. 80% of the citations must come from peer-reviewed journal articles; 20% may come from local news sources, government documents, personal communication, etc.
  8. The majority of your references (80%) must be no more than five years old.
  9. Textbooks may not be used as citations;
  10. Dictionaries may not be used as citations;
  11. Your paper must contain headings and subheading levels as indicated in the APA style guide.

Social and psychological change is a concept that affects everyone, but it not something with which a majority of people are intimately familiar. Academicians and politicians have devoted much time to the study of justice. Journalists have addressed the topic sporadically, and yet it is crucial to our way of life.

Unfortunately, professional evaluations of the current state of justice are not favorable, by factual data or perception. The current justice system has been proven ineffective at achieving equality and at stemming conditions that breed criminal activity. Many governmental programs are designed to address the issues, yet the public seems reluctant to believe they offer real solutions.

Perhaps the achievement of social and economic justice requires more active participation of citizens. Yet even citizenship, by definition, is a political concept, which concerns the integration of individuals into the political framework and their participation in the institutions of law. By nature, it involves citizens in the management of public affairs. In order to stimulate citizens to action, it is important to understand the past evolution of our society.


The study of social and economic justice reveals a variety of approaches, including conservative, liberal and radical. Theoretically, all hope to achieve similar goals, but via differing paths. Determining the best achievable “social good” is not easy, regardless of the method. In his book, “A Theory of Justice,” John Rawls proposes justice as a unifying theme in the social contract between individuals, society and their government. Considering the wide spectrum of individual differences, it should not be surprising that there are many approaches to a common goal.

Conservatives maintain the strictest moral and ethical codes in their search for justice, banking heavily on our country’s foundation of religious freedom. However, it is that same freedom that has given rise to more liberal religious and political organizations.

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