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Properties of Engineering Materials

Properties of Engineering Materials research describes how products from these materials are manufactured, what raw resources are used, and the embodied energy and pollution in the final product.

The object of the research presentation is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate an ability to use references and access electronic information relating to the properties of engineering materials, and to effectively present this information. Clay and Concrete Roofing Tiles… Is Clay and Concrete a good material for and Ecologically Friendly Home?

Required to access the Internet for information. Reference materials from texts, handbooks, magazines or brochures are also encouraged. The Buchanan Library has some useful journals and online journals. “Why would a designer choose this material for a building?”

Phase II – Week 10

Properties of Engineering Materials

Research and describe how the product is manufactured, what raw resources are used and the embodied energy and pollution in the final product. Specifically, determine the impact this product or device has on the environment (from the cradle to the grave). Beginning to End. Determine the pollutants generated in manufacturing and disposal (or recycling) and the energy required (from refining to disposal) for manufacturing and operating the device.
final recommendation: “Is this truly a ‘green’ or energy saving product?” Use tables, charts, and always show your references for technical data.

Here is how the format of the research paper should be:

Body of information including photos, diagrams, charts or tables; and a written text of relevant information in your own words.
References including Internet sites and reference materials.
Appendices Additional or supporting information.
Report must include the following
Cost/unit, cost for home that measures 1400 square Feet.
Weight/area or weight/volume
Total embodied energy for home
Total embodied pollution for home
Durability (when will it be replaced, if ever) / Warranty / Where are the raw materials extracted?
Where is the product manufactured?
Amount of recycled content.
Amount of the product that can be recycled.
Other pros and cons using the product for the home.

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