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Project Enable

Here is a model research idea for a research paper on Project Enable.

Project Enable is a program out of the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Mexico State University. It was started to provide people with mobility disabilities a chance to get training in the computer science field. The computer science field continues to grow, but the number of people entering the workforce in this field has decreased. People with mobility disabilities are able to successfully complete the tasks this field requires.

Project EnableProject Enable focuses on three main areas of study:

  1. Workshops to explore concepts of project enable and careers
  2. Technology available to assist training and learning with computers in the computer science field
  3. Transitioning into a career in technology and computer science

Project Enable Workshops

During this yearlong program, students are expected to attend three computing workshops, a career night, a technology night, and a transition event. During the computing workshops, students are taught the basic concepts they need to learn to be successful in the field. On career night, various different speakers provide students and their families with insight into possible career choices upon completion of the program. While attending the technology night, students are introduced to technology specifically designed to help those who are mobility disabled as well as general new technologies. During the transition event, students get a chance to get acclimated to the campus and meet the staff.

Program mentors work with individual participants during the duration of the program. Mentors receive training prior to being assigned a participant. Mentors are expected to help guide participants through the all events and communicate with them at least once a week. Both mentors and participants receive a stipend after the completion of the yearlong program.

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