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Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning research papers are written by education writers. This is a sample introduction. We can produce a custom written project following your project's guidelines.

Project-Based learning is a constructivist educational philosophy that is a different way for students to learn compared to the traditional learning environment. Traditionally, classrooms are run by teachers who lectures students and try to impart knowledge about a topic to students. Assignments consist of paper-pencil tasks and memorization to pass exams. Studies show that Project-Based Learning helps give students the following:

Project-Based LearningIn project based learning, students are self-directed while working on a project that demonstrates what they have learned. Students are responsible for time management to make sure their work gets done on time.

Project-Based Learning

and the Teacher


In a project-based learning classroom, the students are the center and everything focuses on them. The teacher asks as the facilitator for the learning. The teacher’s role is to prompt thinking by asking probing questions, planning meaningful activities, and assess student progress and growth. Projects are based on real-world problems or scenarios that must be solved or investigated.

Students in project-based learning classrooms work with a group of students to work on the project. Students must rely on each other in order to complete the task.

There has been strong evidence of student growth in low- income schools that use problem-based learning strategies. The reason for this growth is the self-investment in learning and working with others. Once students became invested in their own learning, their self-esteem rose and so did their achievement.

Project-Based Learning



Some argue that project-based learning classrooms are not rigid enough and provide children with too much opportunity to waste instructional time. Another problem with problem-based learning is the assessment piece. Student success can’t be measured on standardized tests. Projects are judged by project specific rubrics. The focus of the classroom can easily become the project instead of the underlying content that is learned through the project.

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