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Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are techniques designed to employ various methods for the solution to a question. Problem-solving skills require analytical thinking in order to overcome a variety of tasks. Problems are encountered in a number of different ways, including academic tasks such as formulating an argumentative essay, debug a computer problem, complete a level in a video game or even make dinner. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Problem Solving Skills that follows your guidelines.

Problem Solving Skills Improvement

Human beings have the ability to evaluate information and situations, breaking down a problem into smaller tasks. Problem Solving SkillsFor example, when making dinner, logical sequential steps must be completed in order. In order to make spaghetti, one must first boil water, and the cook the noodles. Problem solving skills can be improved with both time and practice.

In order to develop better problem solving skills, one should develop the ability to take initiative, apply deductive reasoning and later thinking and be persistent until the problem is actually solved. Lateral thinking is often equated with creative solutions, ones that are “outside the box.” The ability to look at a situation from an unexpected perspective is often key to a creative solution.

IDEAL Method of Problem Solving

When faced with any problem, one can remember the IDEAL method:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Define the problem
  3. Examine options
  4. Act on a plan
  5. Look at the consequences.

Problem-solving skills are not impossible, but they do require persistence.

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