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Principles of Plastics Research Papers

Principles of Plastics research papers research a given product made from plastic. You can write the paper by choosing a new or existing product of your choice and note the characteristics, such as chemically resistant, impact resistant, or clear, and requirements such as annual volumes, price range, and to whom you intend on marketing this product to. With this information you will then find at least three different material choices that will meet your needs, compare and contrast these materials, and select the material you feel is best. You will note all the possible processes, both primary and secondary, that are possible for the manufacture of your product, compare and contrast these processes, and select the process you feel best for the given criteria. Then summarize these three sections, product, materials, and processes with your suggestions along with any special notes as in difficulties or surprises you encountered while completing this project.

Information to Include in Your Product Description

Product Description

Principles of Plastics

  1. Describe the product that is or will be produced.
  2. Discuss the property requirements for the product.
  3. Discuss anticipated volumes, price range, and target market.

Material selection

  1. Compare and contrast at least three different materials that can be used to produce your product.
  2. Create a data table showing the key material properties necessary for the product being produced and highlight the material of choice.
  3. Summarize your selection.
  4. Include material data sheets for your selection.

Process selection

  1. Compare and contrast any primary processes that may be used in the manufacture of your product.
  2. Discuss any secondary operations such as fabricating or decorating that will be necessary in the manufacturing process of your product.
  3. Summarize your selection of the best process including relative cost for process, equipment, and tooling.


  1. Summarize the three sections discussing how they will all work together to economically produce a high quality product
  2. Discuss difficulties and surprises you encountered during your research
  3. Presentation
  4. The report, including title page and work sited page

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