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Research Papers on Predominant Behavioral Styles

Research papers on predominant behavioral styles note that behavior psychology can be used in many areas of study. Criminal justice is one common one, as is business management. Whatever course you need behavior studied, let Paper Masters custom write research on the predominant behavioral styles.

Critics of current offender profiling note that contemporary conceptualizations of behavior and personality challenge the critical assumption underlying much of offender profiling that rather direct, straightforward relationships exist between criminal behaviors (or criminals’ offense behavior styles) and particular offender characteristics.

  • Implicit is the notion that different styles of offending necessarily have different personality correlates—a notion that is poorly supported by the research literature.
  • The fundamental guiding principle is directly contradicted by current psychological theory that conceptualizes human behavior as a series of conditional patterns that depend on how an individual respond to the specific situation in which s/he finds himself at a particular point in time.
  • Current psychological theory therefore suggests that the relationships between crime scene behaviors and offender characteristics are considerably more complex than has been widely assumed in offender profiling.
  • The same crime-scene action, although consistently performed, might actually be indicative of more than one offender characteristic.

At the same time, a wide array of crime-scene actions might often be indicative of a single offender characteristic. Predominant Behavioral Styles

Along similar lines and further undermining the notion of offender profiling as solidly grounded in science, also call into question even the fundamental “homology” assumption that informs much of offender profiling: the notion that “the more similar two offenders are with respect to background characteristics, the higher the resemblance of their crime scene behavior”. The authors subject to empirical testing the “implicit working hypothesis” in offender profiling that “a positive linear relationship” exists between similar crime scene actions and similarities in the background of offenders. The authors compare the socio-demographic characteristics and criminal histories of a sample of 100 British male stranger rapists with characteristics of their crime scene actions to test whether similarities along the domain of offense behavior coincided with similarities along the domains of socio-demographic features and criminal history. Their results revealed no discernible positive linear relationship for any of the domains, indicating that rapists who exhibit similarities in how they commit their offenses were no more similar to one another in terms of either their criminal records or of socio-demographic characteristics such as ethnicity or employment history than they were to rapists who displayed quite different crime-scene behaviors.

In addition to the fact that there are some similarities between the behavioral styles, it is also clear that there are some compliments between the two styles as well. For example, dominance styles need to learn how to actively listen to others around them. Interactive styles have already mastered this technique. As such, Jessica, Janice or Heather may make a good compliment for Anthony as a leader. With the ability to balance out the negatives and positives in behavioral styles, the interactive and the dominant styles may be able to come to some agreement on the nature of work and how it is to be accomplished.

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