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Prediabetes Research Papers

People who have been diagnosed as prediabetic have elevated blood sugars but the blood sugar is not high enough for them to be diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. Prediabetes is a stepping-stone to developing full-blown diabetes. People who are diagnosed as prediabetic can still avoid progression into diabetes by improving their diet, including more physical activity into their day, and loosing excess body weight.


There are several different causes for diabetes and prediabetes.

  1. Family genetics
  2. Obesity is a factor in prediabetes
  3. Lifestyle choices
  4. Diet contributes prediabetes

Just as with full-blown type 2 diabetes, sugar is unable to be processed correctly and remains in the blood steam instead of fueling the body.

Many people do not know they have prediabetes because there are not symptoms. Some people may notice a darkening of the skin around neck, knees, elbows, and knuckles. It is important to be aware of symptoms that would signal that a prediabetic has moved into being a type 2 diabetic. These symptoms include fatigue, vision problems, increased thirst, and increased urination.

There are several factors that increase the likelihood of developing prediabetes. These include weight, waist size, dietary patterns, inactivity, age, family history, race, pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome, and sleep. The more a person weights, the more resistant cells become to insulin. Men with a waist circumference of 40 inches and women with a waist circumference of greater than 35 inches are at a higher risk for developing prediabetes. People who eat processed food and sugar raise their risk of developing prediabetes. The risk of developing diabetes increases as a person age. Certain races are also more prone to become diabetic. These include African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Pacific-Islanders, and Native Americans. Women who are pregnant are also at a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes.

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