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Poverty and Crime Cause

Describe in detail how you would test the following theory using the scientific method "Poverty has some effect on crime."Start by reading the following articles:

“Poverty Does Not Cause Crime” by Eli Lehrer (2004).
“Poverty Causes Crime” by George Winslow (2004).

Poverty and Crime Cause

Paragraph 1: Rephrase the theory mentioned above into a cause & effect hypothesis that you can test with empirical data.
Paragraph 2: Operationalize the key concepts in your hypothesis. It is very important to be as specific as possible here. After reading your operationalization, I should have no further questions as to what you're testing.

Paragraph 3: Describe in specific detail where you would obtain the most unbiased and reliable empirical data to test this hypothesis. It is not enough to mention a journal article or book or newspaper … where and how did those authors get their data? What is the original source of the data?

Then, describe in detail what the limitations of this data are - no data is perfect. For example, in our gender and voting example, our data came from a government phone survey of voting, where people could lie over the phone, or not have a phone to begin with, etc.

Paragraph 4: Describe how you would analyze this data. That is, identify at least four important factors other than poverty, which might affect crime. Then, describe how these factors might affect the crime.

Paragraph 5: Offer some logical conclusions that incorporate what you learned during your analysis. Since you're not actually collecting data and conducting statistical analysis, the conclusions you provide will be hypothetical.

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