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Research Papers on Post War International Politics

Research papers on Post War International Politics focus on the political posturing that was necessary after WWII. Since all papers are custom written at Paper Masters - You choose your thesis and exact topic and our writers write your research paper exactly as you need it to outline any international or post war topic.

The end of the Cold War marked a defining period in history. Since this time, scholars have been charged with the task of developing appropriate frameworks for understanding the post-war era. Despite the fact that there is some consensus on how this intellectual infrastructure should be created, a precursory overview of the current literature on the conceptualizations of international politics seems to suggest that there is a considerable amount of discontent among academics on how to examine, analyze and interpret the social, political and economic changes that have occurred since the fall of communism. As such, a plethora of research on how modern scholars should cultivate meaning has been produced over the course of the last fifteen years.

Post War International Politics

International Politics

With the realization that modern scholars have such a wide range of opinion on how to decipher international politics in the post-war era, there is an impetus to explore the current literature and create some sort of meaningful discourse on the issue. To this end, this investigation considers the following for a research paper on Post War International Politics:

  • How the theory of liberalism can serve as a backdrop for understanding practices of postwar international politics.

By reviewing what scholars have noted about the process of liberalism in shaping international discourse, it will be possible to delineate a framework for discerning how liberalism is contributing to the development of a globalized society.

International Relations

Reviewing the current literature on international politics in the postwar era, it becomes evident that most scholars see the amalgamation of a number of theories as essential to understanding the development of international relations. Specific several authors seem to agree that realism, liberalism and radicalism are needed to in order to fully understand the development of international discourse.

  • Realism emphasizes the enduring propensity for conflict between states
  • Liberalism identifies several ways to mitigate these conflictive tendencies
  • Radical tradition describes how the entire system of state relations might be transformed

Even though this analysis provides a broader view of international politics than what is being sought in this investigation, the contribution of liberalism to the development of the international community can be extrapolated.

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