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Post-Secondary Education

Education majors often must write custom research papers on issues having to do with post-secondary education. Have Paper Masters write your custom post-secondary education research papers or use the topic suggestion below to formulate your own essay.

Post-Secondary Education, also known as higher education, is education that takes place after the completion of secondary, or high school education. The classification of post-secondary education can refer to any of the following:

  • Vocational education
  • Undergraduate College and University
  • Graduate Level Education
  • Postgraduate education

Colleges, universities, and institutes of technology are some of the types of schools that offer post-secondary education. There are several different classifications for colleges. Colleges can be community based, or Community Colleges, or they can be privately funded schools. Post-Secondary EducationThe completion of degrees at these post-secondary institutions usually results in the awarding of a degree, certification, or diploma.

Post-Secondary Education Types

Post-Secondary Education is broken down into two levels, undergraduate and graduate. Undergraduate education is usually a four-year program that offers the courses required to receive the degree within a specific field upon completion and graduation. Graduate level education, or graduate school, requires additional training and education in a field of study. These programs can be very competitive for students trying to gain access. This higher level of study is usually more rigorous than undergraduate programs and students are held to a higher standard. Many graduate programs require students to complete research studies, teach, or participate in job site application. Upon completion, students usually receive degrees or certifications that allow them to be more competitive in job market and earn a higher income.

Specific Post-Secondary Education

Liberal Arts Colleges are also a type of post-secondary education. Liberal arts programs might include studies in art, history, language, music, literature, philosophy, theater, and religious studies. Performing arts schools provide students with the opportunity to learn and develop skills to use in the field of music performance and dance. Visual arts schools sometimes have programs in film, architecture, and art. Finally, vocational schools offer students the opportunity to learn skills and theory through practical learning experiences. Vocational schools provide students with the training needed for a specific trade.

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