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Positive Psychology Research Papers

Positive psychology research papers include information on this new form of psychological theory. Our writers custom write all psychology and psychological theory research papers according to what you, the student, need them to cover or focus on.

Positive psychology a branch of that science which maintains that application of scientific principle to help individuals achieve “the good life.” It emerged around 1998 as a unique discipline, with American psychologist Marty Seligman defining the good life as a person utilizing their signature strengths in order to produce both authentic happiness and abundant gratification. Positive Psychology

Seligman and Positive Psychology

Seligman chose the term “positive psychology” as the theme for his term as President of the American Psychological Association (APA). However, Seligman was perhaps merely vocalizing trends in American psychology that had stressed the overall promotion of mental health, as opposed to treating mental illness. There are three main issues in positive psychology:

One of the leading areas of research in positive psychology deals with addictions. There are activities recognized as being shortcuts to happiness, the problem being that such activities (alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, TV) can become addictive. Researchers are pointing out that temporary somatic pleasures are not the foundations for “the good life,” and descent into addiction often displays negative character traits. Overcoming addiction, on the other hand, often aided by positive organizations, displays the return of positive character.

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