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Population Management Research Papers

Population management research papers are custom written to provide ideas and insight into the problems related to human populations and growth on a planet with finite resources. The writers at Paper Masters will examine the issue from a sociological, economic or ecological aspect. Whatever type of course you need a paper for, Paper Masters has the solution in custom writing.

  • Population management analyzes the problematic relationships between growing human populations and relatively fixed global resources.
  • Population management also examines how a number of the planet’s most important resources are currently under serious and mounting pressures from expanding populations.
  • Population management proposes ideas on how to be manage population growth and maximize resource use.

The study of populations demonstrates that although most problems resulting from the overexploitation and mismanagement of global resources have not yet reached the level of international problems, brewing localized crises already exist in several parts of the world. Many analysts fear that such crises could in turn contribute to increased conflict between groups, particularly in some lower-income areas. Unfortunately, current efforts to address the problem of increasing population pressures on global resources fall far short of the global initiatives and actions that would be needed to address these issues over the long term.

Population Management

Populations and Resources

One of the global resources currently facing the most serious threats from human population growth is water, one of the most basic elements upon which life on the planet depends. Indeed, many leading analysts maintain that problems of growing water scarcity loom as potentially the most serious issue deriving from growing human populations and their impacts on global resources—an issue that threatens the very survival of humanity and many other life forms. Although water resources are more renewable than many other global resources, the world’s freshwater supplies are also rather finite. For instance, although over 70 percent of the surface of Earth is covered with water, only some 2.53 percent of the planet’s water is fresh, with approximately two-thirds of that total being bound up in glaciers and permanent snow cover.

Consequently, global water resources are especially vulnerable to increasing pressures resulting from human population growth. Experts note that although the problem of limited freshwater resources has not yet reached global proportions, critical “pockets of crisis” already exist in several parts of the world. Particularly because both human populations and global water resources are very unevenly distributed across the planet, many massive human populations exist in areas with especially limited water resources. The entire continent of Asia, for instance, contains just 36 percent of global water resources but is home to some 60 percent of the world’s human population. Indeed, because of the highly uneven distribution of human populations and global freshwater resources, even as some areas continue to enjoy relative abundance, acute water crises already loom in areas such as Zimbabwe, Mauritania, and the western United States, where large and growing human populations confront problems deriving from persistent drought. Because of pressures from rapidly expanding populations and agricultural demand, large areas of the American West, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest are currently experiencing persistent conditions of moderate to severe drought, with no foreseeable end to the problem in the absence of more drastic action at the local, state, and federal levels.

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