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Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld

Research papers on Donald Rumsfeld look at his time in office as an arrogant individual that put his own image ahead of his politics. Have Paper Masters custom write a research paper on any political figure you need explicated or reviewed.

Donald Rumsfeld, perhaps more than anything, is known as a man in the political arena who is an aggressive combatant in the issues he supports. From his college years at Princeton he entered government service in 1954. Since that time he has never fully ignored his ties to the political scene, being called back on many occasions to serve his country again.

Donald Rumsfeld's Early Years

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1932, Rumsfeld was the child of a WWII Naval Officer. By 1954 he was married and entering the Navy to begin his long career of service to the United States. His stint in the Navy, as an Aviator, lasted only until 1957. At the United States Naval Academy Commencement in May 23, 2003, Donald Rumsfeld, addressing the new graduates, said of his Naval career:

Truth be told, my association with the Navy stretches back more than six decades - back to the early 1940's when my dad served in the Pacific War aboard a baby flattop Those impressions stayed with me. And in 1950, as a freshman in college, I became a midshipman, joining the Naval ROTC I mention all of this only to say that I share your devotion to the Navy

Donald Rumsfeld and Politics

It was following his Navy enlistment that Rumsfeld entered the world of politics. He obtained a job serving Congress as an Administrator Assistant during the Eisenhower Administration. However, as he did in later years, Rumsfeld left politics for civilian positions in the business community.

In the October 1, 2006 edition of the New York Times a story ran which featured the headline "Rumsfeld Says Bush Affirmed His Support Amid New Criticism." This article was written about the response of Donald Rumsfeld, the US Sec. of Defense, to suggestions that he should resign in light of questionable job performance as a result of Bob Woodward's upcoming book State of Denial. Despite the fact that recent figures have confirmed that the invasion of Iraq has actually made Iraq less safe, as well as increased the threat of terrorism, Rumsfeld insists he has never once considered resigning and several times brushes off any criticism without offering any counterevidence to support his position. Rumsfeld's unwillingness to confront charges that he has made mistakes that have resulted in tragedy is a perfect example of how human pride can upset the delicate balance of the universe.

Pope indicates his belief that the universe is imperfect, but that as long as all parts work together and none pursue a part greater than they should order will be maintained. Pope writes that "All are but parts of one stupendous Whole,/Whose body Nature is, and God the soul" (I. l. 267). Later he advises that "And who but wishes to invert the laws/Of order, sins against the eternal Cause" (I. ll. 129-130). Rumsfeld proves himself guilty of this kind of pride of placing himself above his station by giving the appearance that he is above judgment.

  1. Rumsfeld still, despite evidence to the contrary, refutes that he was wrong in his assessment of Iraq
  2. Rumsfeld still allies himself with George W. Bush Jr. and his politics
  3. Rumsfeld illustrates a level of arrogance that is beyond even most politicians

Despite ample evidence he planned for the attack in Iraq unwisely by ignoring the advice of those with actual military experience-something Rumsfeld lacks-resulting in too few and ill-equipped troops, when he is confronted on the issue his dismissive judgment of his critics reflects exactly the kind of pride that Pope warns against those who would "Rejudge his justice, be the god of God./In pride, in reas'ning pride, our error lies" (I. l. 128). One excellent example of how Rumsfeld embraces Pope's warning against pursuing a place above your station in the mechanics of the universe is his response when asked if he had actually read Bob Woodward's book. Instead of merely admitting that he had not, Rumsfeld says, ""Everybody seems to be saying that the things he said aren't so. I wouldn't know" (Pear). When this reply that is at once an admission of ignorance and also a statement of opinion on the very knowledge he just stated to be ignorant is compared to Pope's query "What can we reason but from what we know? (I. i. 2), it is clear that Rumsfeld views himself above the station of a mere man and capable of passing judgement on things about which he knows not.

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