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Famous Public Figures in Politics

Paper Masters can custom write a political science paper on any famous public figure in politics, past and present.

Politics contains many famous public figures that influence the political machine in many ways. Men like Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld were in the news constantly for decades. In the past, famous figures like Huey Long and William Daley influenced politics through their role in local governments. Paper Masters can custom write a political science paper on any famous public figure in politics, past and present.

Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Public Figures

Al Gore - Al Gore research papers examine the 45th Vice President of the United States who served under President Bill Clinton.

Al Lipscomb - Al Lipscomb research papers delve into the life of a democratic federal prosecutor they find instances where he was accused of crimes.

Anita Hill - Research papers on Anita Hill discuss her life and career, and her involvement in testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee against Clarence Thomas for sexual harassment.

Anwar Sadat - Anwar Sadat term papers discuss the third President of Egypt, largely remembered for signing the historic Camp David Accords, which established peace between Egypt and Israel.

Colin Powell - Colin Powell research papers on one of the most honorable, responsibility driven individuals of a political position in the United States.

Condoleezza Rice - Condoleezza Rice research papers explore her biography and her position in the Bush Administration.

Daniel Ellsberg - Daniel Ellsberg research papers write about the man that discovered the Pentagon Papers.

Donald Rumsfeld - Donald Rumsfeld research papers on his biography and political career. Have Paper Masters custom write a research paper on any political figure you need explicated or reviewed.

Donald Trump - A research paper on Donald Trump examines the life, career, and political aspirations of Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump Presidential Candidate - Donald Trump Presidential Candidate research papers examine the billionaire Donald Trump, well-known for serving as the host of the NBC reality show The Apprentice, and his for the Republican nomination for the 2016 election.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt research papers look into the life of the longest-serving First Lady in United States history.

Eugene V. Debs - Eugene V. Debs research papers look into the life of the founder of the International Workers of the World.

Fidel Castro - Fidel Castro research papers examine the revolutionary leader of Cuba that established a communist dictatorship, closely aligned with the Soviet Union.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Franklin Delano Roosevelt research papers delve into the life of one of our presidents and where he started out before he became president. Many Different Research Paper topics on former presidents are available to view at Paper Masters.

Gaddafi - Gaddafi research papers discuss the dictator of the North African nation of Libya from 1969 until his overthrow during the Arab Spring.

Gerald Ford - Gerald Ford research papers examine the 38th President of the United States who succeeded Richard Nixon in August 1974.

Glenn Beck - Glenn Beck term papers examine the life of former FOX News host.

Henry Kissinger - Henry Kissinger research papers look at the American diplomat Henry Kissinger (b. 1923) served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President Richard Nixon.

Herman Cain - Herman Cain research papers look at a hopeful candidate for the Republican nomination for President.

Hillary Clinton - Hillary Clinton research papers examine one of the most accomplished female political figure of today's time. Get a political science, sociology or any type of paper written on Hillary Clinton and her campaign to be the first woman president.

Huey Long - A Huey Long research papers write about one of the most dynamic Senators careers in Government.

Jimmy Carter - Jimmy Carter Research Papers account for his time as President of the United States. Carter was also known for his public speaking skills.

John Mccain - John McCain research papers give a biography of the Senator and look at his bid for the 2008 Presidential Election versus Barack Obama.

Linton and Roosevelt - Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt Research Papers note that Hillary Clinton has become a very powerful influence around the country as well and compare her influence with Eleanor Roosevelt's.

Lyndon B Johnson - Research papers on Lyndon B. Johnson discuss the fact that Johnson was the most influential person leading the US out of conflict during the Civil Rights Movement.

Michael Bennet - Michael Bennet research papers examine the career of Democratic Party member and junior Senator, Michael Bennet.

Sandra Day Oconnor - Sandra Day O'Connor Research Papers chronicle her life as a child up and throughout her time on Supreme Court.

Sonia Sotomayor - A An essay on Sonia Sotomayor overviews the historical Supreme Court nomination of first latina woman to the highest court in the United States.

Tucson Shooting - On Saturday January 8th, a lone gunman named Jared Lee Loughner opened fire at a Congress on the Corner event being held by democratic congresswoman Gabriel Griffords of Arizona. Political science research papers are available at Paper Masters.

Vladimir Putin - Vladimir Putin research papers examine the President of Russia, a post he has held since 2012 and from 2000 to 2008.

William Daley - Daley was the vice chairman, president, and COO of the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago throughout the 1990’s. Political science research papers are available at Paper Masters.

Women In Politics - Women in Politics research papers illustrate through political science research that women have come a long way.

Woodrow Wilson Goode - Woodrow Wilson Goode Research Papers go into a brief biography, and political influence of the first African American Mayor in Philadelphia.

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Paper Masters will custom write a political science paper on any famous public figure in politics, past and present.

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