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Powers of The Governor

Powers of the Governor

In a research paper on public administration, you may want to describe in a the legislative powers of the governor. For full credit you will want to be thorough and include his message powers, ability to call special sessions, and various veto powers.

Hints: You must do more than list. It is imperative that you comment on each item you list. Be certain you do that, but that doesn't mean these are the only things to be discussed.

  1. Describe the governor's judicial powers including his power of appointment and powers of clemency.
  2. Consider the duties and responsibilities of the following state agencies:
    1. Public Utilities Commission
    2. State Board of Education
    3. Higher Education Coordinating Board
  3. Select the agency you would most like to be associated with. Explain why you want to be associated with that agency. Your answer should include a discussion of the duties and responsibilities of that agency along with your interest in those duties and responsibilities.

When discussing the powers of the governor, you want to keep the following aspects of his officiating duties in mind:

  1. Racial/ethnic Influences
  2. Age
  3. Male-female
  4. Democratic /Republican
  5. Occupational composition of the Texas Legislature.
  6. Explain how this compares to the racial /ethnic, age, male-female, Democratic /Republican and occupational composition of the Texas population.
  7. Discuss how the differences can affect voting and representation in the Legislature.

Hint: The more specific you can be the better your grade; however, over one-half your score on this question is based on your ability to discuss how the differences can affect voting and representation in the Legislature.

5. According to the publication Texas on the Brink, Texas does NOT do well in most measures of state activity. In a minimum of four paragraphs of a least six sentences each discuss the following questions based on Texas on the Brink:

  1. Texas is on the brink of what? Explain and give examples.
  2. In what three areas should the state improve the fastest? Why these three to the exclusion of others?
  3. Is there a relationship between tax effort and spending? Explain and give examples.
  4. Would you be willing to pay more in taxes (or reduce spending in other others, but you must tell where) to increase the state's standing? Which taxes should increase and what programs would you cut.

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Powers of The Governor Research Papers

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