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Political Discourse

Political Discourse

Many times the term political discourse refers primarily to the speeches and writings of politicians. A more broad definition of political discourse also includes the communication of people in groups within a democracy. Examples of these groups include pressure groups, the media, and political parties.

There are several different kinds of politically focused discourse. Speech and debates are both a type of political discourse. These speeches and debates usually take place in a formal setting, for example in a legislative body (i.e. congress or parliament). These speeches are usually pre-written, and may lead to a discussion over the passing of laws or resolutions.

Another type of political discourse happens outside the legislative arena. This type of discourse is done among political parties during conventions or during elections. This can also be seen when candidates speak with the general public while campaigning.

Public demonstrations are yet another type of political discourse. Groups that protest may use banners, signs, slogans, and chants to communicate their political views. In some cases high pressure groups and parties may release commercials, billboards, or other forms of advertising to get their point across. These groups have also begun tapping into the power of social media to reach their audience.

Finally, another type of political discourse is done when a government makes public announcements about foreign affairs. This could include conversations that go on about treaties, negotiations, or peace talks. This type of discourse usually presents itself in the form of written announcements, addresses, and changes in legislation.

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Political Discourse Research Papers

Political Discourse research papers discuss the speeches and writings of politicians in pressure groups, the media, and political parties.

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