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Fake News

Fake News

Fake news is a type of propaganda that is fueled by the misrepresentation of facts and information in order to sway the public away from someone or something. Paper Masters looks at fake news in research writing that you order custom written. Because we custom write all our research, you can order exactly what you need, how much you need written and when you want it by. You are in charge and our writers produce what you need explored.

The concept of fake news can be examined from any aspect that you need looked at. Common ways to explore fake news is through the following:

  • Choose one fake news story and explicate all the elements of the story that are false.
  • Explore the purpose of fake news and who it is directed at? Who do people believe fake news, even completely exagerated fake accounts?
  • Explore fake news in the political arena. How is fake news used in politics? Give an example of how fake news was used to influence politics.
  • Write on the history of fake news and what allowed this trend to begin.

Fake news can come in the format of written journalism or in news broadcasts and social media. Fake news capitalizes on misleading or exaggerated information. Fake news can be news that has been sensationalized or can be news that is entirely made up and false.

In modern society, fake news is easily spread via social media platforms. Sometimes fake news stories are hard to identify because of flashy titles and other eye-catching qualities. Since fake news may be hard to identify, people who believe the stories to be credible spread it quickly. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions has provided resources to help people identify fake news stories. Some of their tips include considering the source, check to make sure the authors are credible on a particular topic, read the entire article, and double checking the publication date to see if it is current. The International Fact-Checking Network, or IFCN, was started in 2015 to help fact-check news stories.

Evidence of fake news stories date back to ancient civilizations. Even back in the 13th century, rulers like Rameses the Great used fake news to sway public opinion. Fake news became a popular topic surrounding the election of President Donald Trump. President Trump has repeatedly alleged some news organizations as spreading fake news concerning events that occurred during his term as President. It is has also been discovered that many online pro-Trump fake news stories originate from seven different organizations that pay teenagers to write untrue and exaggerated stories around Trump and the Republican party.

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Fake News Research Papers

Research papers on fake news discuss the type of propaganda that is fueled by the misrepresentation of facts and information in order to sway the public away from someone or something.

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