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Woman As President

A Woman as President

It is inevitable that soon the United States will have a woman as a President. Paper Masters have writers that explore the issues involved with a woman becoming the President and how women influence the vote.

With the arrival of the new millennium, the prospect of electing a woman as president of the United States has come closer to being realized than ever before. This is due not only to the recent examples of political competence and readiness displayed by women like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Rodham Clinton, but also to the fact that the country's voting demographics demonstrate that women hold a majority position in turnout at the polls.

Women as President

According to a Woman As President Research Paper, the number of women who participate in the American political arena is larger than is has ever been. From the U.S. Secretary of State to the U.S. Attorney General, not to mention U.S. Senators and State Representatives, an increasing number of women are occupying the political roles that in this country were once confined only to their male counterparts.

A Woman As A President research article also speaks to the significant role that women play in presidential elections.

One of the most widespread rationalizations for a change in the old school, male dominated political system is often linked to the American public's disappointment with the prolonged humiliation and degradation of the sex scandals and the numerous charges of other impropriety that were leveled against Clinton during his tenure in the office of President. A longstanding American belief system sees women as the true moral compasses on both the level of the family and on the larger scale of the community. Research suggests that this belief is still prevalent in current-day America, and many polled voters feel that a woman candidate naturally possesses higher degree of integrity, morality, and ethicality, and as such would be far less likely to become embroiled in the kind of scandal that plagued the Clinton presidency.

At the same time that women are thought to have more integrity and morality than their male counterparts, there are some areas that the voting public is similarly reluctant to cede to female political candidates, most notably issues of national defense and military decision-making. By and large, the voting public holds on to longstanding prejudices against the ability of female candidates to make aggressive military decisions even when political circumstances demand it.To counter this bias, research from Paper Masters offers up the success of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher during an era when key military decisions were being made in Britain. For this reason, the author speculates that a female candidate with a background in defense, diplomacy, or the military may have a better chance to win national office than a female candidate with purely domestic political experience.

The Next Presidential Election

There are currently several women who are positioning themselves for the next presidential election. They include:

  • Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Kamala Harris
  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Sheryl Sandberg

Maryland's lieutenant governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, It was thought that Hillary Rodham Clinton would be successful in pursuing the presidential seat since some experts maintain that Al Gore's loss to George Bush had set the stage for her Democratic nomination in 2016's presidential election.

There are indications that the United States is clearly prepared for a woman President. In 1935 Gallup Poll that asked Americans if they would vote for a qualified woman for president, 65% answered no. In contrast, a recent poll found that 90% of the respondents, which included both men and women, would vote for a woman president.

Considering the political sentiment regarding a woman president and the political influence that women politicians and voters hold in this country, it is fair to suggest that a presidential campaign emphasizing the issues that women find most significant will be the imperative and decisive step to finally inaugurating a woman president.

The most significant premise of research papers that explore the concept of a woman as president is that America would benefit from having a woman at the top level of national political office.Although from a politically correct standpoint, this premise cannot readily be attacked, the author fails to offer any compelling justification for why a woman should be considered for a top national political office. To the contrary, the author seems to suggest that the primary reason that a woman should nominated for one of the top national political offices is the sheer historical value. In this vein, several quotes are included that suggest that even women with strong ideological differences with conservative candidates like Elizabeth Dole would most likely cast a vote for them anyway, simply as a means of contributing to the dissolution of the longstanding glass ceiling in national politics and advancing the visibility of women in political positions of power.

Even considering the subjective nature of many researchers and writers, the evidence Paper Masters presents is relying primarily on statistical data garnered from polls and surveys and on anecdotal evidence. The encapsulation of the seldom-discussed history of female presidential and vice-presidential candidates is compelling, showing that contrary to popular belief, women have long been considered for candidacy, although it has come to fruition only a handful of times.

The use of rhetoric and logic is consistent with the dual purposes of miscegenistic research – first, to suggest that the American public is increasingly receptive to the idea of a female holding a top political office at the national level and second, to speculate as to which of those women currently involved in national politics could serve as a viable candidate in the near future.Counter arguments are persuasive without seeming strident or overbearing, which, unfortunately are often negative attributes that are assigned to essays and articles deemed to have an overarching feminist ideology. By relying primarily on readily available facts, historical events, and statistics, the author is able to convey the central ideas of the article without falling prey to the claims of stridency or partisanship that are often unfairly aimed at proponents of female presidential candidacy.

Overall, Paper Masters research papers present a factual, engaging account of the increasing likelihood of a female presidential or vice-presidential candidate in upcoming presidential campaigns. Although the assessment of the opportunity for female candidates in the 2016 Presidential campaign may be overly optimistic, Paper Masters discredites the factors that underlie our historical reluctance to nominate a female candidate to national political office and their work is edifying and relevant.

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